Upholstery Cleaning Service

About Using Upholstery Cleaning Companies

Whether it’s the couch, the dining seating, dad’s favourite chair, or even the family car, the upholstery gets dirty. And no matter how often you clean it with a good old vacuuming and store bought sprays and foam, it is never totally cleaned.

If you are looking to achieve an obvious transformation of your upholstery and to extend the life of the fabric/material the only answer is to engage the services of a licenced professional upholstery cleaning service. Using a professional upholstery cleaning service on a regular basis will extend the life of your fabrics while keeping them looking like new at all times. Depending on the level of use but for regular use, it is recommended that you use professional upholstery cleaning services annually.

One such company is South Queensland Restoration which is right up there among the best professional upholstery cleaning companies servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and sunshine Coast regions. Offering a great range of services to suit all fabric and leather items at great prices. With many years of experience in the industry you can be sure they have the right techniques to get the job done properly.