Did you know over time mopping can dull your tiles? Our Brisbane tile cleaning services can help!

Depending on the type of mop and products you use when mopping your tiles, you could actually be making them dirtier, rather than giving them a clean. Some store-bought floor cleaning products leave behind films, rather than getting rid of dirt and grime, which means over time your tiles end up looking dull and dirty, especially your grout! Have you noticed your tiles and grout looking dull and grey? Our Brisbane tile cleaning services will have your tiles looking like new!

See our amazing tile cleaning results below!

The tiles in the picture above are from a Brisbane home we recently worked in. You can see that the tiles on the right, have a dull and dirty appearance, where the tiles on the left look bright and clean.

How to we get your tiles looking so clean?

Our machines are commercial grade tile cleaners, not just your run of the mill tile cleaning machines. They are designed with superior technology to tackle even the toughest grime. We also use commercial grade tile cleaning products, that pack a punch against dirty tiles but are safe for your pets and family.

Is your grout in need of some TLC too?

We have a range of tile restoration services from grout cleaning to tile repairs, to help you maintain beautiful tiled floors throughout your home or office.

Contact South QLD Restoration to learn more about our Brisbane tile cleaning services

If your tiles are in need of a professional clean, contact South QLD Restoration. While you’re on the phone with us, ask us about our Brisbane carpet cleaning and  carpet repair services as well! With our help all of the floors in your home or office will look like new!