DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines Vs South QLD Restoration Carpet Cleaning Machines

Cleaning your carpets has many benefits. Not only do your carpets look, smell and feel better after they’ve been cleaned, they are also safer for your family and pets because cleaning your carpet will also remove any bacteria or allergens.  The other main benefit to cleaning your carpets regularly (roughly once a year) is you’re also ensuring the longevity of your carpet, which can save you thousands in the long run. The big question is though, do you clean it yourself or do you hire someone to do it?

DIY Machines

For the DIY enthusiast cleaning your carpets with a DIY carpet cleaning machine may seem like the best way forward, but the advertising surrounding DIY machines are aimed at you, to make you think you can achieve the same results you can with a professional commercial grade carpet cleaner. Your carpets will definitely be cleaner, but a DIY clean will never be as thorough as a professional carpet clean.

Our carpet cleaning machines

The carpet cleaning machines we use for our Brisbane carpet cleaning services are commercial grade. This means they have been designed specifically for commercial use, so they are more reliable and more technologically advanced. When you couple our commercial grade carpet cleaning machines with our commercial grade carpet cleaning products, expertise and experience you simply get a job well done, every time. Unlike DIY carpet cleaning machines, there will be no bacteria, dirt or allergens left behind.

Does your Brisbane home or office need a professional carpet cleaning service?

South QLD Restoration provide professional carpet cleaning services in Brisbane to both commercial and residential properties. When you see the difference our commercial grade carpet cleaning machines can make to your carpets, you’ll be glad you went with us, rather than deciding to clean your carpets yourself! Contact us today for a free quote!