Pressure cleaning – It’s not as dangerous or damaging as the name suggests!

When you put the words pressure and cleaning together, it sounds like an invasive and damaging cleaning technique. This is, however, certainly not the case! Pressure cleaning is a great way to remove stubborn grime, dirt, oil, debris and more from a number of different surfaces. From your wooden deck, to your garage floor or your paved driveway, you’ll be amazed at the way pressure cleaning can make these surfaces look brand new!

How does pressure cleaning work?

One of the main reasons why pressure cleaning is so safe, is that it doesn’t use chemicals. Pressure cleaning simply entails water being projected from a nozzle at high speed. This concentrated pressure from the water is what makes it so easy to lift away oil, grime and debris from surfaces. Whilst the pressure is more intense than the average garden hose, it is still a safe amount of pressure that won’t create cracks, dints or other damage to the surface you’re working on.

Domestic Pressure Cleaners Vs Commercial Pressure cleaners

There are lots of pressure cleaners on the market aimed specifically at home owners for domestic use. Whilst these types of pressure cleaners can be great for smaller jobs like cleaning a car, our commercial pressure cleaners are designed to tackle larger scale jobs and tougher grime and stains. If you’re struggling with your own pressure cleaner at home, give us a call! You’ll be blown away by the difference a commercial pressure cleaner can make!

Contact South QLD Restoration for all your Brisbane pressure cleaning needs!

Whether you need to clean up the exterior of your commercial building, your preparing your home for sale and it needs a once over, or your new project is transforming your deck back to its former glory, contact South QLD Restoration! Our Brisbane pressure cleaning services are second to none!