Household Pests – We share our DIY pest control tips on keeping them at bay

There’s nothing worse than finding household pests in your home! From cockroaches and rats to huntsmans and ants, we share our tips on keeping pests at bay with our DIY pest control tips!

DIY pest control tip number one

Firstly, keeping your home tidy is one of the best ways to ensure you’re not creating an open invitation for guests to come into your home.

  • Things like dirty plates can attract pests who are in search of food, make sure you are rinsing any dirty plates so there are no crumbs left behind.
  • Piles of laundry provide pests with a place to hide. Try putting all your dirty laundry inside a laundry basket that has a lid.
  • Wiping down benches after food preparation to ensure all crumbs and food are removed.

DIY pest control tip number two

Make sure you’re disposing of your rubbish properly. When you recycle, make sure you rinse any bottles, especially soft drink as ants are attracted to sugar and it can lure them inside your home. It’s also a good idea to use a bin with a lid to stop any pests getting into your rubbish. If you have recently disposed of food waste, perhaps after preparing a meal or cleaning out your fridge, take your rubbish out to your wheelie bin as soon as possible so the food waste isn’t deteriorating inside your home.

DIY pest control tip number three

Keep your floors clean. This can mean vacuuming and sweeping to make sure there are no crumbs left on the floor and it can also mean enlisting a professional Brisbane carpet cleaning service so that your carpet is free from food and bacteria that attract pests.

The best way to keep household pests at bay? Call South QLD Restoration!

Our professional services for pest control Brisbane are carried out by highly trained pest control specialists. At the end of the day, no matter how tidy you keep your home, pests can still become an issue due to our warm and humid Brisbane climate. With regular visits from our  pest control experts, you can say goodbye to household pests for good!