Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Services

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning: DIY or Professional?

After all your movie marathons, your couch and other fabric upholstery quickly becomes the crumb collector.

You’ve noticed some food and drink stains on your furniture, and you know it needs a good clean.

So, how should you go about your fabric upholstery cleaning situation? DIY or get a professional?

There are many DIY fixes floating around and there are many ways to clean your fabric upholstery at home.

But does this give your furniture the deep clean it needs to get it back to that brand-new look?

Short answer: NO.

What Can Go Wrong with DIY Fabric Upholstery Cleaning?

Of course, we all love to save money. It’s hard not to get tempted by the DIY products available.

And sure, you can do it yourself but here is a look at some common mistakes made during DIY fabric upholstery cleaning.

Soaking Fabric in Water

Water is known as the universal cleaning solvent, which why it would make sense to clean your fabric upholstery with it, right?

But how much water is too much? Excessive water can result in colour bleeding.

Then there is the prolonged drying time. The longer your fabric upholstery stays wet, the higher the chance of mould growth. Mould is a very serious issue and will require immediate professional assistance.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Solutions

I’m sure many of you know the common DIY solutions: bi-carb soda, vinegar and bleach-based products.

These products are typically used for getting rid of those stubborn stains on your fabric upholstery.

But these products can actually cause more problems for you, such as discolouration.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Tools

Regular brush vacuuming with a store-bought product can actually causer more damage to your fabric upholstery.

Brushes with hard bristles can result in the fabric fibres getting ruined. Your upholstery fabrics need to be cared for with special attention to the fabric weave.

Why Professional Fabric Upholstering Cleaning?

Upholstery Fabric Cleaning

It’s clear there are plenty of fabric cleaning products and solutions out there, but improper upholstery cleaning can sometimes damage your furniture further.

Sometimes it’s best to just call a pro. Do you want to know why? Read below.

Safe and Healthy Environment

Vacuuming up your dirt crumbs or your furry friend’s hair from your fabric upholstery can keep the surface of your furniture looking clean.

But what about the dirt, dust and allergens that get caught deep into the fibres?

Deep cleaning with professional equipment can help remove the germs you wouldn’t be able to reach on your own.

This will create a healthier environment for you.

Prolongs the Life of Your Furniture

Do you want your fabric upholstery to last longer? That’s where the professionals come in.

Professional cleaners use the right tools and solutions that can give your furniture that fresh new look, while also extending its lifespan.

Removes Nasty Odours

It isn’t just visible stains that get trapped in your furniture, it’s visible odours too.

Odours are going to be very difficult to remove with supermarket cleaning products. How much air freshener can you really use to try and mask the musty smell coming from your fabric upholstery?

Professional fabric upholstery cleaning will remove the odours and leave your furniture not only looking great but also smelling great too. What more could you want?

Proper Drying

As mentioned previously, excess water can penetrate and damage the core of your furniture.

Professional cleaners are well aware of the amount of water to be used and the best ways to dry your fabric upholstery.

Why invest time into cleaning the upholstery yourself, when a professional can do the job for you without any hassles?

How Often Should You Get Your Fabric Upholstery Cleaned?

You should ask yourself: when was the last time you cleaned your fabric upholstery? Surprisingly, some homeowners don’t know the answer to this question.

If you belong to the group of homeowners who don’t know the answer to the above question, then it might be time to consider calling in a professional.  

Regular cleaning can help extend the life of your upholstered furniture. So, the main question now is:

How often should you get your fabric upholstery cleaned?

The answer to this question can alter depending on how often you use your furniture, or if it’s used by children and pets.

As a general answer, professional fabric upholstery cleaning should be done once or twice every year.

Leave it to the Professionals

Your fabric upholstered furniture can take a lot of wear and tear. Mucky hands and feet, food crumbs, pet hair and pollen can all turn your pristine furniture into something that isn’t very homely.

Even if you’re extra careful, accidents or muddy paw prints are just a part of life.

The best way to prevent stains on your fabric upholstery isn’t by banning food and pets from your living room altogether. Most of these issues can be easily fixed with a professional cleaning service.

While vacuuming and wiping down your fabric upholstery yourself may tackle some dirt or surface stains, keeping your furniture durable for many years requires professional attention.

Say Goodbye to Worn Out Fabric Upholstery

At South QLD Restoration, we offer high-quality upholstery cleaning services to our clients. With our professional upholstery cleaning services, we can reveal and preserve the beauty of your fabric.

If you want to extend the life of your fabric upholstery and rest easy in the comfort of your spotless, freshened fabrics, call 1300 762 021 for our help.