Your antique furniture could be worth more than you realise! Breathe new life into it with our upholstery cleaning services

Whether it’s a piece of furniture you bought second hand, or an antique couch that has been passed down through the family for generations, you could be sitting on a goldmine, not just a couch! Your antique furniture may look a little dirty, and it may be stained here or there but with our amazing upholstery cleaning services, we can bring those much-loved pieces back to life! So, stop wondering if you should just turf your antique furniture, and contact South QLD Restoration to see what they can do for you!

We don’t have a one upholstery-cleaning-method suits all approach

We understand that different types of materials, and the age of the piece of furniture will make a big difference to how we should clean a piece of antique furniture. Therefore, before we get to work, we take the time to assess the material type and the type of stain before we choose which upholstery cleaning product to use.

Our cleaning products are safe for your antique furniture, family and pets

Owning antique furniture ourselves, we appreciate not only the monetary value, but the sentimental value you may hold for your antique furniture. This is why we only use the best commercial grade upholstery cleaning products available, to ensure that we can safely clean away any grime or stains. Our upholstery cleaning products are also perfectly safe for your pets and your family.

Regular professional upholstery cleaning makes the world of difference

Having your antique furniture professionally cleaned not only helps your antique furniture look great, it also helps you maintain its value!

Do you need a professional Brisbane upholstery cleaning service? Contact us now!

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