How do I check for signs of water damage in my home?

Video Transcript – The Signs Of Water Damage

Water damage is not always caused naturally, such as storm or floods, most often it’s caused by indoor plumbing failure. Even if your pipes haven’t burst there may still be a small leak somewhere that can lead to disastrous problems. The most common areas for water damage to occur are the kitchen and bathrooms, where water is frequently used.

Check your connections to washing machines, dish washers, taps and under refrigerators for any leaking.

Check, walls, floors, skirtings and inside cupboards for warping, buckling and discolouration. These are all signs of water damage that can be inside the walls, ceilings and floors.

It’s not uncommon for a shower pipe from an upstairs bathroom to leak into the floor and have the ceiling collapse on the downstairs floor because it has been saturated and eventually buckled under the weight of the water after a long period of time.

If you can also smell a damp and stale smell it may be signs of mould and should be dealt with immediately for the safety and health of all who occupy the property.