What should I do if I discover signs of water damage in my home?

Video Transcript of Water Damage Question

The first step is to look out for your own safety and those inside the property. Turn off water at the main, as well as electricity and gas so there is no chance of fire or electric shock.

Try to avoid contact with the water as it may contain contaminants that should only be handled by a professional.

Calling a water damage restoration company to come out and assess the damage is your next step. If you have insurance you might be covered for water damage and the restoration required afterwards. In many cases you have the ability to select your own water damage company to come out immediately to assess the damage and start restoring your property rather than contacting the insurance company and having to wait for them to send an independent contractor to assess the damage.

You should always contact your insurance company in the event of damage to your home. However, water damage needs to be dealt with immediately as prolonging the restoration will only cause further damage. Getting a water damage restoration company involved as soon as possible will start the process immediately and many water damage companies work together with insurance companies to get your life back to normal.