Causes & Dangers of Water Damage In Your Home

Video Transcript

Water damage can be caused by many factors such as natural disasters and floods, or more commonly by indoor plumbing failures such as leakage and burst pipes.

When the water accumulates in an area it will soak through most materials. This can severely compromise the structural integrity of your property. Wood will expand, warp, buckle and rot. Dry walls can sag and fall apart. Saturated carpets can experience delamination, which may need to be replaced.

If water reaches electrical outlets there can be risk of electric shock or short circuiting.

On top of this, depending on how contaminated the water is it can carry bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that may create serious health problems.

Mould is also a serious issue and I highly recommend you watch our other videos on this topic to find out why mould is so dangerous and how it can be removed.

As a guide, the longer your property has been soaked in water, the more contaminants and structural damage will have occurred.