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Tile Cleaning Heritage Park | South Queensland Restorations

Tile Cleaning Heritage Park

Creating an outdoor space with tiles can add value to any area and transform it from an average area to an extraordinary entertainment space! However, home owners have to realise that outside tiles, like any part of the household, have to be regularly cleaned. If homeowners don’t do this, then the tiles can decay and lose their colour which leaves your outdoor area not looking its best!

South Queensland Restorations was recently called to an outdoor tile cleaning project for a property in Heritage Park. The tiles were stained and had suffered a bit of discolouration as a result of being outside in fluctuating weather conditions.

The image below shows the left and right-hand sides of the tiles before and after they had been cleaned. The left-hand side shows the dirty side of the tiles and the right-hand side shows the tiles after being cleaned by South QLD.

Tile Cleaning Heritage Park

To transform these tiles, South QLD first pre sprayed the tiles with their own special tile cleaning solution. Then, using a high-pressure tile cleaner attached to a truckmount, South QLD cleaned the tiles. If you’re wondering what the the high-pressure tile cleaner does, it extracts all the grime, dirt and grease off the tiles and leaves them looking brand new!

Tile Cleaning Heritage Park

If you are ever in need for some outdoor tile cleaning give South Queensland Restorations a call! We have all the equipment needed for an outdoor tile cleaning project! Our team services Brisbane and Gold Coast cities and their surrounding suburbs from the Sunshine Coast to Tweed Heads.

South Queensland Restorations also offers a wide range of other services such as mould removal, carpet cleaning, water damage restoration and upholstery cleaning.

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