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4 Techniques to Simplify Grout Cleaning

Tiles and grout are generally located in some of the most high-traffic areas of a home, making them both susceptible to immense amounts of dirt. Although tiles are a popular choice within the home due to the ease of cleaning, sometimes the biggest difference between sparkling tiles and dirty ones is the grout in between. Grout can quickly become dirty as it is a very porous material, acting similarly to a sponge and soaking up any spills, grease, grime, or oils it is exposed to.

Regular grout cleaning can help combat these stains and have your flooring looking as if it were freshly laid. To help you get on top of your grout cleaning, we thought we’d share a few fail-proof strategies to help you have your floors shining again in no time!

What is Grout?

Grout is a form of dense fluid used to fill gaps like those between tiles, or it can be used to reinforce existing structures. Most grouts are generally made up of a mixture of water, cement, sand, and colourant. The colour of the grout is completely customisable to ensure it matches the tiles chosen for your home. Grout helps protect tiles by filling in the gaps as this prevents tiles from being exposed to dirt and grease that may become trapped underneath them. By preventing anything from getting underneath the tiles helps strengthen the tiles to complete the installation and prolong their overall lifespan.

The Importance of Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning needs to be completed on a regular basis because dirt and grime can build up easily and quickly in these specific areas. Without frequent grout cleaning, grout can begin to discolour making it seem way darker than its original colour and changing the entire appearance of your home. Poorly maintained grout doesn’t only look terrible in and around your home, but it can also cause negative health impacts on those who live there as bacteria can begin to grow on the grout.

When researching the best way to help clean your grout you’ll be faced with many different techniques but it’s imperative to be sure you know how to clean the grout correctly, so no damage is done. If you’re unsure of how to complete the grout cleaning without damaging your grout or tiles, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Using the incorrect chemicals or too many rough abrasions from scrubbing can wreck your grout and leave you with a bigger mess than what you started with.

Grout Cleaning Techniques

  1. Plain Warm Water and a Stiff-Bristle Brush

When it comes to grout cleaning the safest option is always starting off with the weakest solution first because in any case the less chemicals you use the better. If you clean your grout regularly you may simply be able to use plain warm water and a stiff-bristle brush to help restore your grout. This technique is simple, you just have to spray or pour a small amount of warm water onto the grout and then scrub softly in circular motions to clean it then let it dry.

  1. Vinegar and Warm Water Solution

If plain water and soft scrubbing aren’t working, you can add equal parts vinegar and hot water for a slightly stronger solution. Vinegar is a cupboard staple in most houses so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your hands on. Instead of spraying it on and scrubbing it immediately, these solutions need to be applied and then left to sit for about five minutes. After it has rested, you can then begin scrubbing the area in gentle, circular motions.

  1. Baking Soda Paste Sprayed with Vinegar

Are you still struggling to remove tough stains? Don’t worry, there’s still one more solution you can try that doesn’t require you to handle strong chemicals. The first step is to create a baking soda paste with water and then apply this paste to your grout. This step will be followed by spraying the paste with the vinegar solution we discussed in the previous step. This mixture will cause the solutions to begin foaming but once it stops it’s time to begin scrubbing the grout softly. Once you’ve finished scrubbing it’s important to rinse the grout off with plain water to remove any remnants of the mixture.

  1. Employ Professional Help

The easiest way to guarantee beautiful grout every time is by enlisting professional help. The most obvious issue you may encounter when attempting to clean grout yourself is that it is an extremely time-consuming process, no matter what area you are working with. Scrubbing entire areas, such as a shower or splashback, with a tiny brush, can take hours to complete, let alone scrubbing an entire tiles bathroom or kitchen.

In some cases, you may also get carried away with trying to scrub out stains and cause damage to the grout. If grout is worn away to due harsh scrubbing this can cause immense damage to your tiles as water can seep in underneath them. This can cause them to begin breaking or the subfloor or wall they are situated on to become compromised.

To simplify your entire grout cleaning process, reach out to our experts here at South QLD Restoration. We have the correct cleaning tools and access to effective cleaning solutions to have your grout looking brand new in no time, without any damage. Many people often assume professional grout cleaning services are off the cards due to cost but they’re actually more affordable than you’d assume.

With years of experience in grout cleaning combined with our heavy-duty equipment, we can guarantee we can have your tiles looking brand new. Contact our team today to arrange a quote.