How to Clean Carpet Effectively

According to a report made by the American Lung Association, it was discovered that dust accumulation in rugs and carpets can have a negative effect on one’s health, especially to those who suffer from breathing conditions, such as asthma and snoring. That said, it’s important to familiarise oneself with how to clean carpets effectively. Professional carpet cleaning services offered by South Queensland Restorations utilise a wide range of cleaning methods when tackling dirty carpets. The cost, environmental conditions, degree of carpet soiling, and type of carpet fibre, usually have an impact on how to clean carpet. Here are some of the most common professional carpet cleaning services used today.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is one of the original carpet cleaning methods used by professionals. In this process, a foamy chemical is evenly distributed on the carpet, which is scrubbed using a motorized circular brush for effective cleaning. This method is ideal for low-pile and heavily soiled process. Furthermore, due to the fact that are aren’t any extraction process involved, it’s important to thoroughly vacuum the carpet in order to remove the dust particles and soil residue. Though, a lot of carpet cleaning professionals advise steam cleaning method because it’s more effective than carpet shampooing.

Steam Cleaning

This is also known as the “hot water extraction method,” which is commonly used to clean carpets. In this method, hot water should be heated to boiling point, and injected into the carpet under certain pressure. This will effectively loosen the dirt, allowing the carpet-cleaning machine to immediately draw in the needed moisture and get rid of the dirt right away.

On the other hand, heavily soiled carpet usually needs the use of detergent, and use a carpet extractor or steam cleaner is considered to be an effective way to eliminate the odour and kill the bacteria, as well as the dust mites.

Bonnet Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, bonnet cleaning is different from the dry cleaning method. For one, bonnet cleaning utilizes products that are occasionally mixed with carbonated water, spreads it as a form of mist over the carpet, and a rotating buffer is run over the soiled area.

As the covering becomes soiled, it should be replaced with a clean one, and although the top one-third of the carpet becomes cleaned, you ought to know that some still settles on the bottom. Thus, bonnet cleaning is more of a temporary solution.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

The dry-cleaning method used by South Queensland Restorations would give customers the assurance that there’s virtually no water involved in the process. A technician would sprinkle a certain amount of absorbent compound over the carpet, and with the use of a mechanized brush, he’ll work it through the carpet in order to dissolve soil. The residue and soil are then drawn up using a commercial vacuum cleaner. Most people prefer this carpet cleaning method because it dries the carpet quickly, and it gives the assurance that the carpet will remain undamaged.

Why Hire Us

With the various levels of intimacy one would experience with their flooring, it’s important to keep the carpet clean as possible. South Queensland Restorations offer several carpet cleaning services that would give the assurance that the carpet would be thoroughly cleaned, to the point that it would look good as new.