Avoid Wet Carpets With Our Carpet Drying Service!

It’s a common myth that the best time to have your carpets cleaned is during the summer months, and that winter carpet washes will leave you with damp and wet carpets that will soil the moment you walk on them. Aside from offering top-of-the-line carpet cleaning services we also offer an effective carpet drying service that will leave your carpets walk-on dry and ready to use, no matter what season it is!

Our Deluxe Carpet Drying & Cleaning Process

Our deluxe cleaning service utilises top-of-the-line carpet and upholstery cleaning technology to give your precious rugs and carpets a deep, thorough clean and make them look and feel as good as new. With quality cleaning solutions we ensure that dirt, grime and bacteria are taken out and your carpets are left feeling lush and clean, while maintaining the same vibrant colors and designs of your carpets and rugs. We can do this no matter what season is it, whether you are doing your general cleaning in the summer or need an emergency carpet clean-up done in the middle of winter!

Walk-on Dry Carpets, Anytime!

We can take on carpet cleaning jobs and give you walk-on dry carpets anytime because of our rotary drying technique that removes the last trace of water from your rugs. Most carpet cleaning services only leave you with damp carpets that tend to attract dirt and grime the moment you step on them. In cases like these, you often have to make your carpets off limits and wait for it to dry. But what if you have a party in a few hours or the carpet is for an area of the house with high foot traffic? You need walk on dry carpets and we can do that for you.

We use a rotary dry pad that literally wrings out the last drops of water from your carpet, leaving it not only clean but bone dry as well. This also helps brighten the carpet since the absence of moisture helps bring out the natural vibrancy of your carpet’s colors. We also use high speed air movers that are useful when doing carpet cleanings in residential and commercial properties. These help speed up the drying process while the cleaning is completed, which shortens your carpet maintenance time considerably. The process also applies to upholstered furniture. This means that you get usable and dry carpets and furniture whenever you need them, without the waiting time.

Why Work with Us?

We want nothing but the best for our customers, which is why we are always looking for new ways to bring new and improved carpet cleaning solutions and techniques to you. Using top-quality equipment, quality solutions and a friendly, professional and experienced crew, you are assured quality carpet cleaning services, no matter what the season and for any occasion. We can also help you tailor out a carpet cleaning program that will suit your specific needs. You no longer have to suffer through days with damp, unusable carpets. Give us a call now and get the quality carpet drying and cleaning service that your home deserves.