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Tile  & Grout Cleaning Services

Looking for an Efficient Tile and Grout Cleaner at Yeerongpilly?

Maintaining clean tiles and grout is a challenge in itself, especially in constantly damp areas such as bathrooms. Kitchen tiles or backsplashes are prone to stains and acid marks. Floor tiles eventually look dull because of heavy foot traffic and scratching from furniture. That is why it is necessary to let the experts appropriately handle the cleaning job. South Queensland Restorations deploys highly-trained technicians. We invested a lot on having them trained by trusted Australian training institutions. We implement only the best methods and use recommended cleaning products and equipment. If you require more information about tile & grout cleaning Yeerongpilly residents, contact us.

Tile Strip and Seal Service

We thoroughly clean tiles and grout and make sure to bring them back to their original brand-new look. We do tile strip and seal to achieve this. We strip the old stained sealant and seal the tiles with an appropriate seal. This will bring the luster back and add a layer of protection from stains from the surface.

High-Pressure Cleaning for the Outdoors

We also clean the outdoor floors. We make sure that they look bright again. We use high-pressuring cleaning system for bricks, patios, pavers, driveways, sidewalks, and just about any walkway. High-pressure cleaning is very effective in removing stubborn dirt, dust, and grime.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Carpet Cleaning

South Queensland Restorations started out as a carpet cleaning and carpet repair company in 2000. Since then, it has perfected the art of cleaning and restoring carpets. Through the years, we extended several cleaning services to the home, commercial, corporate, and industrial essentials. We clean carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, and air conditioner. Pet owners can take pleasure of our great services in treating pet urine stains and removing pet hair. We want residents to feel comfortable and safe in their homes that we also offer pest control. We get rid of nasty cockroaches, scary spiders, annoying ants, fleas, bed bugs, and dust mites.

Urgent Flood Water Extraction

We can also bring the flooded house and flooded buildings back to safety. We do emergency water extraction and water damage restoration. We get rid of water using the best water extraction equipment. We then completely dry the areausing efficient dryers. We dry walls, floor, carpets. etc.

Call us now at 1300 762 021 or 0400 716 182 for more details, bookings, or emergency water damage restoration. We assure you that you will be satisfied with our services at Yeerongpilly.

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