Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Well, it’s that time of year again. Grab the mop, find the bucket, work out where the employees hid the vacuum cleaner and bribe the kids to bring the duster back. It’s time to spring clean your home and office space from top to bottom!

Whatever area you are spring cleaning, there is one simple thing you can do that will make a world of difference. Clean your carpets.

Carpets and rugs can give a touch of comfort and class to any space. However, carpets and rugs that do not regularly receive a deep and thorough clean can harbour dirt, germs, insects, and chemicals. Even new carpets contain volatile organic compounds, many of which have been listed by EPA as extremely hazardous substances.

Because of this, it is important to keep carpeted areas clean and safe to use at all times.

Wherever they are, and whoever uses them, your carpets have taken a beating all year long and it’s time to show them some TLC.

Step one: Vacuum

Regular vacuuming is an essential part of carpet care as it keeps your carpet’s dirt, dust, and germs to a minimum. If you can, invest in a high quality HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum cleaner. This will help ensure dust and dirt is trapped in the vacuum cleaner and not in the air. Also, consistently clean the vacuum bag to ensure your cleaner is working at its peak and isn’t missing any grime. And, if you can, try and maintain a shoe free home to assist with these efforts. During a spring carpet clean you should make an effort to reach all the areas (under chairs, under desks, in corners, etc.) that you neglect during a regular clean.

Step two: Remove Stains

Always consider the type of carpet that you have before you try and remove stains. Is it synthetic or natural-fibre? Then consider why type of stain you are trying to clean. There is a wide range of carpet treatments available, as well as natural home remedies that you can try. You should consider the chemicals you are using before bringing it into your home, and, depending on how long the stain has been in the carpet, some of these treatments will need several sessions before they are gone. However, some stains will require professional help to remove.

Step three: Get Steamy

Steam cleaning carpets will help remove dirt and dust that is embedded deep into the carpet. The cleaner’s jets inject water into the carpet under pressure to loosen up the grit and grime that a vacuum cleaner can’t reach. A professional carpet cleaner can even give your carpet a complete shampoo, clean, and dry before you arrive home, leaving your carpet looking and smelling amazing.

Don’t forget to treat your rugs the same as you would treat carpet. Check them for damage, mould and stains. And, don’t be afraid to seek help from professionals if you are worried about damaging your favourite rug!

Sometimes the job is just too big for one team, this is when it’s time to call in the professionals. Specialist cleaning equipment and chemicals can make the difference between carpets looking clean, and carpets looking brand new.

South Queensland Restorations are masters are making your carpets look like they did the day they were installed.

South QLD always use state of the art equipment and chemicals that are safe for the whole family (including those furry friends).

We understand that our clients have differing needs and every job us unique. We try our best to work with you, and we are always upfront about our services and the costs involved.