upholstery fabric cleaning service

Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Service

Is there anything unattractive than a slouchy couch placed at the centre of your living room? If your couch is old and looks miserable, you might think of replacing it with a new one but that is an expensive alternative. What you can do alternately is take help of professional upholstery fabric cleaning service from South QLD Restoration in Brisbane and Gold Coast. You don’t have to invest greatly in a new upholstery rather take advantage of a deep cleaning service.

Why choose South QLD restoration?

You can hire us for any kind of deep couch cleaning, lounge cleaning, stain removing on sofa or armchair. All of our specialists are polite and knows their work efficiently. You can trust them with your upholstery as they will make it sure that you are well aware of the entire process undertaken on the soft and delicate fabric. They will be sharing their knowledge while on the job so that you are aware of your furniture. It is assured that our technicians will treat your possessions with care and give you a sanitised and healthy furniture that will retain its long lost lustre.

We utilise steam cleaning for heavily soiled furniture

When it comes to cleaning upholsteries, different methods direct towards complete cleaning. Accordingly, we use steam cleaning when the furniture is dirty to its core and required extensive treatment.

Suitability: steam cleaning suits all kind of couches and stained upholsteries and works extensively for heavily polluted lounges and sofas.

The entire process: at first pre-treatment is crucial to remove the loose soil, stain and odour from the upholsteries and afterwards deep cleaning with hot water extraction removes dirt and dust from the deepest corner of the upholstery. The hot water extraction machine gives high-performance deep cleaning and leaves the upholstery dryer than the water residue left after traditional cleaning system. In this process, we also make sure to remove odours and foul smell leaving the upholstery fresh and clean.

Application of protection: your upholstery requires some form of protection as well like Scotchgard fabric treatment so that fabric remains in pristine condition for months to come. It protects the fabric from stain, exterior dirt and spills. The fabric protection guard lasts longer than a month or two and so you don’t have to worry about your beloved couch getting stained from wine spill.

Drying time: traditional method left behind a great amount of water to be dried and usually it took days for proper drying. However, with the help of advanced technology, it takes only 4 to 6 hours for your upholstery to be ready for use. Depending on the weather, material of the upholstery and ventilation of the room the exact drying time varies.

Leather cleaning service in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Upholstery fabric cleaning service for leather in Brisbane and Gold Coast is different from any other fabric treatment.

Suitability: leather furniture requires different kinds of treatment and detergents depending on the quality. It is better to hire leather cleaners who are efficient and trained in the job and also knows how to condition the leather for durability.

The leader cleaning process:At first, we will test a small patch of the upholstery with the cleaning agent to see the suitability and look out for any reaction or bleaching effect. We will also apply the cleaning solution on the furniture to see whether all the contaminants are being absorbed. Then we will wipe the residue with a fine cloth to check if the solution is working fine and performs deep cleaning.

Protection from dirt and dust: after the cleaning, it is time for protecting the leather from dust, dirt and spills. We apply a special leather rejuvenator that gives the glossy effect and also conditions the leather avoiding any cracks or peeling due to dryness.

Drying time:This kind of leather cleaning does not require any drying time as there is no moisture left on the surface. You are good to go instantly and use the piece of furniture.

Services that our upholstery cleaner provides

Apart from dust, pet dander and moulds are very easy to get trapped in the fabric and so it requires regular cleaning. If it is left uncleaned for a long time, it can trigger allergies to human and pet as well. One might suffer from respiratory conditions from the contamination and the surrounding. We will offer deep cleaning of the upholsteries, as we are experienced to treat items like:

  • Leather furniture
  • Sofa sets;
  • Mattresses
  • House and office chairs
  • Curtains
  • Different-sized lounges
  • Couches; and more!

Upholstery cleaning is very important as it prevents health problems and even extends the durability of the furniture for a couple of years more.

Answers to upholstery fabric cleaning services queries

  • All of our cleaning products and detergents are tested for domestic and residential use. If you have an allergy to any chemicals, please do let us know beforehand so that we can avoid using it in the cleaning service and opt for an alternate method.
  • We will take great care in cleaning upholstery that has utilisation of suede material. Only a cleaning agent suitable for suede fabric will be utilised for cleaning such delicate fabric.
  • You can definitely ask for an initial evaluation of the upholstery cleaning service and we will give you a free quotation with no obligation to commit. You can choose to select us or get in touch with us when convenient over the phone, by visiting us or emailing.
  • Not just the upholstery, but we clean everything that comes under the purview of upholstery, be it a wall or a step ladder. We will evaluate the work you need in your property and accordingly give you a free quotation.

Why should you choose South QLD Restoration for upholstery fabric cleaning service

You get ample of benefits when you hire experts from South QLD Restoration:

  • We offer pre-treatment that removes stain and foul odour as well
  • Treatment according to the delicate nature of the fabric
  • Expert leather cleaning and restoration
  • Deep cleaning and protection to all the upholstery for durability
  • Specialised treatment for extending the lifespan of the furniture

We are here to give you suitable answers to all of your questions regarding upholstery fabric cleaning service in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Write to us at [email protected] or call us on 1300 762 021 to book an appointment.

Why Choose South QLD Restoration?

  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Trained and certified cleaners at your service
  • Quick and professional service every time
  • Usage of advanced technology to offer effective and best cleaning service
  • After hour emergency service
  • Our employees undergo extensive training regularly to keep up with the newer processes
  • Sanitisation and deodorisation service in all projects