Leather & Vinyl Colour Rejuvenation

Are you in need of Leather & Vinyl Colour Rejuvenation? Is the colour of your leather couch fading or is it that you are experiencing peeling? Leather upholstery suffers cracking, fading, peeling, rips and tears over time and the attraction of the piece loses when it looks old and disoriented. No need to be sad any more as South QLD Restoration is going to give you the best possible result as you had always wished making your leather furniture look amazing.

Our team members will skillfully repair and recondition your leather furnishings. We can work with all kinds of furnishings, be it residential or commercial. We vouch to offer high standard work with a guarantee for any category of leather goods. You will get the exact colour as you want in leather colour rejuvenation service. We are presently active in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Affordable nicks, cuts and scratch repairs

South QLD Restoration aims at ultimate restoration of damage like wear and tear. We can work on small damages on the site itself and you will not find any spot of the restorative act. However, there can be some form of blemishes on the leather, which is the normal tone of animals. In case of any large rips and tear, the repair can extend largely and we may replace the entire section of leather for the best result. This will incorporate a new feeling within your budget and not having to replace an expensive leather upholstery or furniture. Our trained experts will be very happy to do the work for you and offer a completely transformed look to your interiors.

Complete change of the colour of your upholstery

You can completely change the way your upholstery looks through replacing the entire leather fabric affordably from South QLD Restoration. Depending on your requirement and wish, we can work towards completely transforming the look and feel of the furniture. Be it a residential or commercial upholstery, we are trained and skilled to work on any of them with complete efficiency. Our team can also work on hides and automotive leather with full competency. Skillful workmen will reseal and recolour the upholstery to any colour of your choice that can even be the metallic or pearl finish. Suiting the room and theme of your interior, we will give your beloved leather couch an excellent finish. If you want the colour to match the original colour, we can do so as well. Come to us for an upholstery or vehicle trimmer and you will be satisfied with the overall result. We will help you settle down on a suiting colour when the same colour material is no longer available for a vehicle trimmer. Replacement of any kind of leather fabric is also available with us that you will love for sure. Not just the colour, you will get a durable leather as well.

Services that we offer for leather items

Leather cleaning

The first step is leather cleaning and with more than a decade experience, this is where we excel. All of our trained experts will clean your leather goods and make them similar to a brand new one. After the thorough cleaning, it is all about conditioning to give it a soft touch and prevent any peeling or cracking in the long run. In the entire process, if they find that there is a requirement of restoration and rejuvenation, they will do it as well.

With years of utilisation of the leather goods, there is wear and tear that leads to degradation of the fabric that gives rise to some faults as well. Our able experts will make sure that there is not a single issue with the entire leather state before leaving the property.

Leather lounge cleaning

Lounges are created with a lot of leather fabric and hence require extensive cleaning and maintenance. You might have one at your residential apartment or your office, we are happy to help you in all fields. You don’t need to worry about the entire process as we will take charge of the situation and if required, we will remove the furniture from the spot before cleaning and place it back after the entire process is complete. Following the Australian Standards, we will make the entire work go smooth along with providing high-quality workmanship. You will get our leather colour rejuvenation service in all parts of Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Schedule leather maintenance service

The first impression is the last impression, and for a leather good, this is the ultimate motto. Leather goods in its finest position look elite and sophisticated, but when there is wear and tear, it makes the room look dreary. South QLD Restoration knows exactly how to recreate the attractive ambience with a good leather upholstery through rejuvenation. You can continue your job while we will work on your leather furniture with minimum disruption to your productivity at the office.

Get cost-effective leather maintenance for your receptions lounges, meeting room couches, office furniture etc. We will have a look at the entire range of furniture available and accordingly create a personalised maintenance plan. Our maintenance program includes regular inspections, cleaning and repairing of small wear and tear. Hire us and we will give your furniture the best look affordably. Your furniture will continue to look great when we work on them regularly. Our service will also offer durability to your leather upholsteries and will have some couple of years added to their life.

Automotive leather cleaning

When the leather in your car is looking dull and dusty it is time to hire professionals from South QLD Restoration who will have a thorough evaluation of the entire trimmings and then help you get them in pristine condition. We can offer to repair the entire leather trimmings or can change the entire set if the same colour fabric is not available. We will have a close inspection of the damaged spot and offer to reseal the spot extending the lifespan of the leather. This will improve the look and feel of the car as well.

We use eco-friendly colour base

All of our colours are eco-friendly in nature. We also have an expert team who looks into the formulation, technology, materials and look out for consultation to get the best answer to your issue. We have collaborated with some of the best tanneries for quality supplies every time. South QLD Restoration has an adaptive nature looking into all the possibilities and then incorporating state of the art eco-friendly linking binders and light refractive top coating that protects the surface from dirt and fading. We also use a modified solvent system that speeds up the process of on-site repairs.

To know more about the entire process of leather colour rejuvenation in Brisbane and Gold Coast, call us on 1300 762 021 and we will be happy to answer any questions. Alternately, you can contact us through our email address [email protected] and our experts will revert soon.