Leather Vinyl Colour Repairs

Leather & Vinyl Colour Repairs

You will experience a number of issues with leather and vinyl lounges when it starts to age. If upholstery comes in direct contact with sun rays, you will most probably find sun bleaching and decolourisation due to fading. This kind of issues can occur with any kind of fabric but with leather, the issue is greater because it is made out of animal skin. However, apart from these two issues, there is a wide range of issues that can affect the material differently and tend to decolourise the material.

When it comes to working with the colour treatment of leather and vinyl, you always need to hire professionals having years of experience and skill to give you the best possible solution in an affordable price range. South QLD Restoration houses skilled men who can work effortlessly with colour shading of leather and vinyl. Our trained technicians have done their training from reputed institutions and are certified to perform the work. We follow the Australian Standards so that you get the best result in the quickest time possible.

There are different varieties of leather and all of them are not real as well. The leather undergoes different varieties of pigmentation process and it requires trained hands to understand the complexities in paint and recolour them accordingly. With our leather and vinyl services for colour repairs in Brisbane and Gold Coast, you will get the best colour scheme similar to the original colour. You can also and hire us to transform the original colour completely and match up with your interior theme. In some of the pigmentation process, a dye is applied and is locked with a topcoat. Some other process includes soaking of the leather in the dye and creating a darker tone. Later it is dipped in a protective covering solution so that the pigment does not leave the leather.

Leather is obtained from different animals and the aging process is also dissimilar. There are a lot of qualities that are treated to get the final product. It has pores, roots and other natural substances that are unwanted. Some are even constructed out of bonded leather that is completely different from full-grain leather and is found in different colours and finishes.

Different causes that give rise to discolouration

According to our trained experts, there are various reasons for leather to discolour over time and given us some of them:

  • Heavy utilisation of the furniture
  • Bleaching of the pigment from sun rays
  • Bleaching effect from substances like cleaning agent that changes the entire colour of the furniture.
  • Removal of a top cover that reveals the underlying colour looking different from other areas.
  • Sticking of substance to the surface of leather.
  • Stains from pet urine, blood, vomit and other organic substance.

In some of the cases, the discolouration may not be eliminated completely and there is slight visibility of the affected area. In case you are selecting to fix the issue yourself, you might confront some horrifying experience because of less understanding of the situation. There is no way to undo the damage but it can be restored only by professional assistance. When you try to do it yourself you may try to add more die to the spot giving a messy result. You can also end up with dye leaking the area. In the case of vinyl, the discolouration cannot be altered by adding dye in the spot as plastic does not attach itself to any kind of exterior colour. So when you hire efficient craftsman from South QLD Restoration you are sure to get an amazing result.

What we do to restore the colour of leather and vinyl

You may think that once the colour is gone the furniture is of no use as the spot looks an attractive and you cannot help restore it back in its original condition. But when you leave the work on our able hands we will find the best suitable solution that matches your interior and removes the discolouration effect. We work on this kind of issues through the masking effect that hides the fault underneath a fresh coat of colour. It is an art to work with discoloured leather as you need to know about different colours extensively. We have a wide range of equipment and an experienced team who will be using advanced formulated dyes specifically made for leather and vinyl material. We will mix and match a wide range of colour to get the best colour similar to the original colour for good blending. All the method we used in this process depends completely on the issue to be addressed.

Limitations in leather and vinyl colour repairs

We will put our complete effort in getting an outstanding result, yet there are some limitations to leather colour repair and some of them are given below:

In case the topcoat of the leather surface is missing in a large area, the colour might not seem similar to the adjacent area. This happens because while working on a larger area the surface area will reprogram itself and it is tough to get a similar colour as the original. Apart from the colour, there can also be a visible texture difference can only be noticeable when evaluated closely.

Some of the leathers are difficult to duplicate and the repairing work is not similar to the original one. We are always looking forward to duplicating the texture and colour of leather and vinyl but some of them are hard to reproduce. We will make sure that there is no visible difference, and work towards getting to the nearest combination that we can get.

Get in touch with us in case of leather or vinyl services and colour repairs in Brisbane and Gold Coast

We will give you complete assistance and work towards getting the best outcome for your leather or vinyl furniture. We will never suggest a process that we think won’t last long. Satisfaction and reliability are what we look forward to achieving when we take up your work. If we think that none of the processes is going to be a success, we will inform you right in the initial evaluation stage. For more information don’t forget to call us on 13007 62021. Alternatively, you can also write to us at info@ southqldrestoration.com.au and our efficient experts will revert to you as soon as possible.

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