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How to Clean Tiles According to the Professionals

Tiles are one of the commonly used flooring materials. In fact, you can hardly find a modern building or home that doesn’t incorporate tiles into the structure. It comes in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials. Making it very versatile when it comes to styling your property. Even though tiles don’t need much in terms of maintenance, but you still have to clean them from time to time. This is where most people make a mistake. More often than not, these mistakes help degenerates the tiles faster than intended.

So, how to clean tiles the right way? And, what factors that I should avoid? If you are asking yourself these questions, then stick around as this article is going to provide quick and easy answers.


As mentioned before, tiles are relatively easy to clean. However, the arch-nemesis of tiles are grout. It’s what causes damage and makes your tiles look old. Thankfully, you can do proper grout cleaning once a week to keep grout at bay. However, you still need to have a professional do grout and tile cleaning at least once in six months. This will ensure that your tiles stay durable and look new.

Cleaning Chemicals

Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals as much as you can. Ammonia and bleach-based cleaning agents are the ones that you should really avoid as these can make your tiles brittle. Milder cleaning solutions are a better answer. For best results, follow the cleaning solutions suggested by the manufacturer.


When scrubbing your tiles, use firm or soft bristles. Avoid steel brush or wool at all cost, as these will remove the tile’s finishing, which will then make your tile damage prone and looking dull.


It is important that you clean stains as soon as possible. If you allow the stain to sit on the tiles for longer periods of time, it may cause discolouration of your tiles.


Adding a layer of protection for your tiles can help prolong its beauty and condition. For example, if you plan to place heavy objects like table, sofa or potted plants on top of your tiles, make sure that you have protectors on top of the tile or the bottom of the object. For tiles exposed to water, treat it with a sealant as this will protect your tiles from damage.

Cleaning Routine

You will have to mop your tiles at lease once a week. Make use of a soft cloth when mopping. Also, vacuuming your tiles once a week is advised. However, make sure that you do not use the beater bar of the vacuum as it can scratch your tiles.

Over Wetting

It is a common mistake for homeowners to over wet the tiles when cleaning. Avoid such mistake as the minerals found in tap water may stain or discolour your tiles. Also, make sure that you quickly wipe your tiles with a dry soft cloth after wetting.
Regular cleaning and maintenance of your tiles is needed at lease once a week. Yet, even manual labor of mopping, wiping, sweeping and vacuuming has a limit. To bring back the beauty of your tiles, you will need to hire a professional tile cleaning service. The industry recommends that you hire a professional cleaner at least once in six months. A professional tile cleaning service has the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to make your tiles look like new again.