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Tile  & Grout Cleaning Services

Tile and Grout Cleaning at Forestdale

Are you a home owner needing expert cleaning of stained and dull-looking bathroom and kitchen tiles? Or Are you a business owner seeking for reliable cleaning professionals to make the floor and toilet tiles of your business establishment look brand-new again? In both situations and many other scenarios, South Queensland Restorations is the name to trust, specifically at Forestdale.

Tile and Grout Specialties

We specialize in tile cleaning, tiles and grout sealing, tile stripping, tile polishing, as well as tile anti-slip treatments. We first inspect and analyze the situation and type of tiles. We then appropriately select tools, equipment, and products to use. We have great methods set in place to ascertain proper handling of tiles and grout, that none gets damaged throughout the cleaning, sealing, stripping, and treatment processes. Thus, producing only the fresh, bright, and protected tiles and grout.

Great Outdoor Cleaning

We are also concerned with outdoor floors that we do the high-pressure cleaning of patios, pavers, bricks, driveways, walkthroughs, and sidewalks. High-pressure cleaning is an effective method in getting rid of stubborn dust, grime, dirt, and grease.

Several Specialized Services

South Queensland Restorations initially started out as a carpet cleaning and carpet repair company. Since then, we have evolved into a great cleaning company offering various specialized services. We clean air conditioners, rugs, and upholstered furniture of houses, hotels, restaurants, schools, malls, companies, and all other business establishments. Should there be annoying unwanted ‘guests’ in the house or structure, we completely eradicated them. We never want cockroaches, ants, fleas, spiders, dust mites, and bed bugs to bother home dwellers. If there are pet urine stains or pet hair on carpets, we also remove them using effective methods and safe cleaning products.

Water Damage Restoration

When there are flooded houses or flooded buildings, we can immediately go to the rescue. Our water extraction equipment can efficiently and swiftly remove water in the affected area. We also have dehumidifiers and dryers to completely dry walls, floors, carpets, and everything wet. This method is vital in keeping the area safe from moulds and water damage stains. If there are traces of water damage and moulds already in the area, our certified technicians can safely treat and restore the area back to safety.

Call us at 1300 762 021 or 0400 716 182 for bookings, pricing, and any inquiry. We are more than willing to be of service to you at Forestdale.

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