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Tile  & Grout Cleaning Services

Doing Tile and Grout Cleaning at Fairfield the Right Way

Cleaning your own tiles and grout might have left you frustrated already. Tiles get stained and dull over time. At Fairfield, whether you are a homeowner, an office worker, or an owner of hotels, restaurants, schools, etc., you can achieve having squeaky clean and bright looking tiles again. With almost twenty years of intensive cleaning, South Queensland Restorations can instantly do the tricky tile and grout cleaning for you. We have highly-trained technicians who are certified by trusted Australian training institutions. We never get stingy at anything. We invested a lot on our equipment, tools, and products to assure excellent cleaning results.

Other Awesome Services That Bring the Luster Back

We are tile and grout cleaning experts but we also offer other great services. We realized the need to also cater to other essential stuff’s cleaning, maintenance, and restoration needs. We clean home and office air conditioners, carpets, and upholstery. We also make the lives of pet owners easy by treating things with pet urine stains. We also remove pet hair. We also clean the exterior such as walkways, sidewalks, driveways, bricks, pavers, and patio. We use pressure cleaners.

In inevitable situations of flooding, we can come to the rescue. Flood water from flash floods, river or stream overflow may unpredictably come in. Unfortunate situations such as burst pipes, leaky roof, and damaged water system may cause excessive water to stagnate in the house or office. Worry no more because we also offer 24-hour emergency water extraction and water damage restoration services. Our technicians are highly-knowledgeable in every type of flood water and level of damage so they can appropriately handle every flooding situation. We use the best water extraction equipment available to ensure that there will be no water residue. We then thoroughly dry the affected area. We also clean and dry carpets. Should they be molded and stained, we treat them and restore them to their original colour and state. We also treat water damage stains, and anything that was soaked, molded, or stained.

We Are Just a Call Away

You can conveniently call us at 1300 762 021 for more details about our services, pricing, and booking. You can also call us at 0400 716 182 for emergency water extraction and water damage services you might need. With South Queensland Restorations, your home or business establishment at Fairfield is always in good hands.

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