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Squeaky Clean Tiles and Grout at Cedar Creek

Houses and buildings need to be clean and maintained for all the right reasons. A clean house, office, or any area, lowers stress and fatigue, lessens the spread of germs, and improves the safety of its dwellers. And tiles and grout are a big part, as it includes floors, bathrooms, and kitchen backsplash. However, cleaning is not always easy, especially when treating with stains, water spots, and acid marks. Not to mention deep seated dirt and moulds on the grout. But whether you are a resident or a business owner at Cedar Creek, having squeaky clean and brand-new looking tiles is achievable. This is because South Queensland Restorations is offering its great tile and grout cleaning in the area. We have been in the cleaning industry since the year 2000. Since then, we have been the trusted cleaning partners all throughout Brisbane.

South Queensland Restorations deploys certified technicians that know how to handle any tricky tile and grout cleaning with the use of efficient equipment and appropriate tools and cleaning products to completely get rid of stubborn stains, germs, and dullness. We have methods set in place to properly handle every type of tile, in every situation, thus ensuring that no tile gets damaged in the cleaning process.

High-Pressure Washing of Outdoor Floors

We are not limited with the indoors. In fact, we are also experts in cleaning and maintaining the outdoors. We offer high-pressure cleaning of bricks, pavers, patios, sidewalks, and walkthroughs. Driveways are best cleaned with high-pressure water blasting. It efficiently eradicates oil from cars and other residues from trees.

Water Damage Restoration

We offer several other specialized services. One of them is the water damage restoration service. In events of house flood or flooding in any area, we can completely eradicate water through our water extraction equipment. We can also thoroughly dry the affected area. Such includes walls, floors, carpets, and everything wet. Our technicians are highly trained to treat any water damage stains and moulds.

We Are Just a Call Away

Our excellent services are available anywhere at Cedar Creek. All you need to do is give us a call and we will gladly do the nitty gritty cleaning and restoration job – all for your convenience and safety. Call us at 1300 762 021 during office hours or 0400 716 after office hours for emergency water damage restoration.

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