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Tile  & Grout Cleaning Services

Residents and Businesses at Carole Park Can Have Brand-New Looking Tiles and Clean Grouts

Have you struggled with cleaning tiles and grouts on your bathrooms, toilets, and backsplash? Or do your office bathroom tiles look dull? Are the tiles on your restaurant, motel, or business establishment stubbornly stained? Worry no more because South Queensland Restorations can handle all the dirty tile and grout cleaning job at Carole Park. We implement the best methods, utilize the most efficient equipment and use safe cleaning products. We deploy our expert technicians who are certified by trusted training institutions in Australia. We make sure that tiles are thoroughly clean. We also restore the brand-new look of dull tiles. We also provide tile stain protection that we do tile stripping to remove old sealant and residues. Afterward, we seal the tile to keep stains on the surface.

Why South Queensland Restorations?

We have been in the cleaning industry since the year 2000. We started out cleaning and restoring carpets. However, we realized the necessity to have other essentials cleaned as well. So we have evolved now, that we offer a long list of services. We expertly air conditioners, upholstery, carpets, curtains, of clean homes, offices, motels, restaurants, and every business establishments. We also do pressure cleaning on bricks, patio, walkways, and pavers.

Instant Flood-Free Houses and Establishments at Carole Park

Our services are not limited to cleaning. We also offer 24-hour emergency water extraction and water damage restoration. Flood water, be it from leaking roof, burst pipes, flash floods, river overflow or damaged water system, should be immediately dealt with. Our technicians have the sufficient know-how to handle any water type and water damage classification accordingly. We can immediately do water extraction and dry the affected area. We also dry and treat carpets and furnishings. To avoid any health risks, we also treat areas and materials with moulds and bacteria.

Whether you want to further discuss the details, pricing, or bookings, you can call us at 1300 762 021. For emergency flood water and water damage restoration services, you can call our 24/7 phone line 0400 716 182. We will gladly take the call and quickly deliver our excellent services, all for your safety and convenience.

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