How do you get rid of German Cockroaches in Australia? 

One of the most common questions we get asked is “How do I get rid of German cockroaches?” 

And it’s a good one! In areas of Australia that are warm and humid German cockroaches can thrive, and they’re really hard to get rid of! 
If you’re dealing with them for the first time, you might be wondering how to get rid of these invasive little pests. 

Well, we have years of experience dealing with these guys and we have some tips for you. If you think you might be dealing with a German cockroach infestation, we have all the info you need to get rid of German cockroaches in Australia. 

What do German cockroaches look like? 

How to get rid of German cockroaches

German cockroaches are small and flat, typically between 12 to 15 mm long. They are light brown or tan in colour and have two black stripes behind their heads. 
Their young can be as small as 3 mm, which makes them particularly difficult to spot and allows them to get through very narrow gaps and openings.  

What attracts German cockroaches to your home? 

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German cockroaches are attracted to warmth and moisture, often drawn to bathrooms and kitchens. They are also attracted to any kind of organic mess, like crumbs and open rubbish bins. If they cannot access your food directly, they can also eat pet food and non-edible products like soap, glue, and even hair!

Unfortunately, all it takes for a German cockroach infestation is one egg being brought into your home on your luggage, grocery bags, cardboard boxes, and clothes. Once inside, they will hide in small cracks and crevices and begin nesting, typically near sources of warmth and moisture like leaky pipes, electrical appliances, and outlets.

Did You Know?
A cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes!

If you see signs of cockroach droppings (like coffee grinds in appearance), oval-shaped egg cases, cockroach carcasses, or detect a musty smell in your home, you may have an infestation. If you are seeing cockroaches during the day, then the infestation is likely to be serious. 

How do you get rid of German cockroaches? 

Brisbane pest control dead cockroach

Getting rid of German cockroaches is notoriously difficult due to their small size and rapid breeding cycle making it extremely challenging to locate the source of the problem. 
It is always recommended to contact a pest control professional to inspect your property, they will locate the source of the infestation and take long-term preventative measures to stop them from coming back. 
However, if you want to do it yourself, follow these four steps. 

Step 1: Locate the source of the infestation 

Professional pest control experts will always make preliminary observations to determine where the worst-hit areas are located so they can concentrate on the hot spots. There will not be a single source of the infestation, German cockroaches typically spread out around areas of high heat and sources of food and water. 

Some common areas to look for German cockroaches: 

  • Sinks 
  • Cupboards 
  • Taps and exposed pipes 
  • Around and inside household appliances 
  • Rubbish bins 
  • Underneath tables 
  • Cracks and crevices 
  • Electrical outlets and switch boxes 

Inspecting your property can involve using a flashlight to investigate small dark areas where cockroaches may be hiding to observe any evidence of droppings, eggs, shells, and cockroach carcasses. 

Did You Know?
A cockroach can live without a head for almost a week!

We advise leaving sticky traps in problem areas, such as rubbish bins, underneath sinks, behind appliances, and around kitchen/bathroom cupboards. Sticky traps are small pieces of cardboard covered in adhesive glue infused with a bait that attracts cockroaches and traps them. 
If you have observed visible signs of cockroach activity then place the baits in these areas overnight, if you are unsure of where to place the traps refer to the list above of common areas that German cockroaches hide.

The traps will only eliminate a few of the cockroaches. The purpose of setting sticky traps is to determine where you should focus your attention for the next step. 

Step 2: Clean the areas of high cockroach activity 


After you have identified the hot spots, you can begin vacuuming up any droppings, eggs, shells, and dead cockroaches that you can see. It is then essential that you remove any excess sources of rubbish, food, or water that may be attracting and sustaining the cockroach population. Cleaning these areas will help the extermination phase and prevent the colony from regrowing. 

If you encounter any live cockroaches when cleaning, make sure they are either eliminated or sealed and disposed of, otherwise, they can continue to spread inside your vacuum or rubbish. 

Once these areas have been cleaned thoroughly and any visual sign of the infestation has been disposed of, you can begin setting baits. 

Step 3: Set baits

Cockroach gel baits are the preferred method of German cockroach removal by professional pest control companies. 

Gel baits are a combination of an attractant and an insecticide. They usually come in the form of a syringe that you apply in small, pea-sized drops in areas of high cockroach activity. 

The small gel drops attract the cockroaches and infect them with the insecticide, the cockroaches then return to their nest and begin infecting the entire colony. 

We advise only using small drops and spreading them out, using too much will spook the cockroaches and they will not view the gel as a source of food. After applying the baits, refrain from using any household cleaners or insect sprays in the area, the cockroaches will smell this, and it will prevent them from taking the bait and they may spread to other areas. 

Did You Know?
A one-day-old baby cockroach can run almost as fast as its parents!

Unfortunately, German cockroach eggs are invulnerable to gel baits as the gel needs to be eaten to take effect. This means that you will need to re-apply the bait for potentially several weeks until the new hatchlings are eliminated. Persistence is key with German cockroaches; you must be vigilant when laying traps and observe their activity as it only takes one egg to start a new colony. 

Step 4: Make sure they don’t come back 

teenager vacuuming floor in living room with a vacuum

Congratulations on making it through the first steps!  
Now, for the most important part, preventing them from coming back and taking over your home again. To make your home unfriendly to roaches, you need to eliminate their sources of food and water.
Now is the time to do a deep clean. 

  • Fix leaky pipes and faucets 
  • Seal cracks and crevices with caulk or sealant 
  • Store food items in air-tight containers 
  • Empty rubbish regularly and use a bin lid 
  • Don’t leave pet food out overnight, or store in an air-tight container 
  • Wash dishes regularly on don’t leave out overnight 
  • Clean tables and countertops of any food waste 
  • Vacuum frequently 
  • Clean kitchen appliances regularly 
  • Dispose of rubbish like cardboard boxes, paper bags, and soft drink bottles 

Keeping your home clean and free of clutter will give you the best chance of preventing another infestation, you may want to consider also using a barrier spray around the perimeter of your home for extra protection. 

When to call in the professionals? 

pest-control-brisbanePest Control Specialists in Brisbane

If you have followed all these steps and are still seeing signs of German cockroaches, the infestation is serious, and you will need to contact pest control experts.  
Store-bought insecticides are usually far less effective than professional products as they are required to be less potent due to safety laws. Even if your home is clean and you are persistent, German cockroaches are extremely difficult to get rid of. Without the proper tools, chemicals, and experience, the colony can quickly rebuild and take over again.  

If you want to solve your cockroach problem quickly and ensure that it doesn’t come back anytime soon, it may be much faster, easier, and cost-effective to call a professional that can eliminate the colony in one session.  

If you want your home to be cockroach free, give the experts at South QLD Restorations a call, or you can request a FREE quote here.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pest Control

When you live in Queensland, pest control is a prevalent part of your life. Pests love the hot, humid weather that Queensland offers year-round which is why you’ll often find them infiltrating your home. Some pests are easier to manage, like minor ant or cockroach problems whereas others need to be handled with more care.

There are various approaches to pest control, preventing them from happening in the first place to removing them yourself or calling in some help from professionals. To break it down we are going to be discussing the do’s and don’ts of pest control to help you claim your home back in no time.

What Are Considered to be Pests?

So, what is considered to be a pest in your home? Pests are organisms that spread disease and cause destruction. They are usually insects or animals that are known to be harmful to humans directly or human concerns. Pests are a bad addition to any property because they can spread detrimental diseases and bacteria throughout a home which in turn can cause allergic reactions and even damage the structural integrity of a property.

In particular, mice and rats are known for gnawing on electrical wires which becomes a serious fire hazard in the case that the gnawing causes an electrical malfunction. When it comes to pest control, some of the common pests we encounter in Queensland homes are:

Health-Related Issues Caused by Pests:

hosts to a range of disease-causing germs that they spread throughout your home that can cause serious illness in humans and pets. Rats and mice are commonly known for the diseases they carry and since they multiple at rapid rates it’s important to know and stop them before the infestation gets out of control.

Mice host a range of diseases, such as Leptospirosis, which can cause severe kidney and liver damage. Rats are also dangerous as their bites and scratches commonly spread disease and cause rat fever. Although you may think they are harmless, cockroaches are another pest that can impact your family negatively. Their droppings are dangerous to household pets and have also been found to cause asthma and eczema in children.

Discovering pests in your home shouldn’t be something to be embarrassed about, it is a common occurrence in the majority of Queensland homes. To help prevent them or remove them once you notice them, we’ve compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help keep your family and home safe.

The Do’s of Pest Control:


At the first signs of a pest invasion, it’s important to do some research. Researching will help you understand what you’re dealing with and the best options to remove the pests. Different pests also require different handling or pesticides. If you’re having trouble finding out how to deal with the pests in your home, you can reach out to our team. We are able to come and inspect your property to understand the situation and then provide an action plan to remove them from your property.

Take Preventative Measures:

The ultimate way to keep pests at bay is by preventing them from infiltrating your home initially. There are numerous simple ways you can prevent pests that are also extremely cost-effective. The first thing you can do is search your property for any water sources by inspecting pipes and drainage systems. Insects love to gather around water sources so by removing any stagnant water you are removing any potential breeding grounds for them.

Another easy prevention method is to inspect the walls of your home and seal up any holes that pests may be using to slip in and out of your home. Also making sure food is stored in airtight containers also makes it difficult for pests to access which avoids cross-contamination.

Seek Professional Help:

An important thing to remember is that you don’t have to try and remove pests yourself before calling in professionals. If you’re unsure how to remove pests from your home, we are always only one call away. In some cases, pesticides commonly used in the pest control process can be harmful to pets and people so it may be better to leave in in the hands of professionals. Contacting our team at South QLD Restoration makes pest removal fast and easy so you can take back your home as soon as possible. Professional pest control also helps contain serious pest invasions, not just minor ones.

The Don’ts of Pest Control:

Don’t combine Removal Solutions:

When it comes to pesticides, more doesn’t always mean better. Always keep pest control solutions in their original packaging to prevent any mix-ups from occurring. This is also a safety precaution in the case of an accident the original packaging will tell you how to best handle the situation. It’s also imperative that you refrain from combining products because this may cause a chemical reaction that could be detrimental to your family or pets.

Don’t Lay Traps or Place Chemicals in Open Places:

When you have children or pets living in the home it’s important to ensure you don’t put chemicals in open places or leave traps out. If ingested or accidentally touched methods of pest control can cause serious harm. A simple way to avoid this is to close off any rooms that have been sprayed with chemicals to pets and children. If traps are needed, make sure they are out of reach to avoid any accidents.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late:

What would you rather deal with, a couple of pests in your home or a full infestation? Small infestations are definitely easier to deal with! Identifying pests at the earliest possible stage would make for a super simple removal process. Waiting on the other hand will just cause the problem to worsen and make pest control a relatively difficult process, not to mention you’ll be living with pests in your home for longer!

If you’re after a team of experts to help you with pest control, reach out to our team today. We have years of experience handling a variety of pests ensuring a quick and efficient removal process. For more information on our pest removal service, click here.

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What we did in this location:

As well as successfully completing a 3 bedroom carpet clean, South QLD Restoration were also contracted to complete an internal pest control for a property at Flagstone after hearing about us on Facebook. Another happy customer following another effective job done well. Our customer was very impressed with our speedy service and prompt and professional assisstance.


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If you have mould in your home, you need to act quickly.
At least get some information from our advice line so you are aware of your mould removal options.

Brisbane Pest Control Services

Pest control Brisbane provides pest inspection and control services all through Brisbane and zones of South East Queensland. The experts at Pest Control Brisbane have the skill and ability to evacuate any of the household pests found in the waterway city. They have an experienced and well trained group of experts who can help you with your pest issue, be it for household or business bug control. Their incomprehensible information on the bugs, vermin and all other household pests nearby the Brisbane area, permits them to handle any occupation, regardless of how huge or little.

Before you buy another home, an irritation examination can be key to distinguish any nuisance movement, specifically from termites, which might bring about harm to the structure of the property. Pest control Brisbane will discover any dangers to the property, whether they are as of now in the home or close-by. They check a home for damages in its timber structure created by termites, borers, synthetic delignification and contagious rot, (for example, black rot).

They have an extensive variety of administrations for general pests, for example, ants, insects, rats, bugs, flies, cockroaches, mice, flying creatures and everything else that troubles people in Queensland. They give fast, sheltered and responsive bug control solutions.

Pest control Brisbane uses unquestionably the most recent pest control strategies and facilities, to protect their service safe and intensely valued. With great years of experience in the business, they know the correct answer to settle the issue that is pestering you. Try not to give dread or invasion a chance to keep you up around evening time. Get in contact with their group at your soonest comfort and they will do the rest and kill those pests. Brisbane pest control services uses the most innovative hardware and information alongside common vermin control strategies, whatever point possible. This implies that you can rest assured having an understanding that you are keeping your family safe while keeping the pests under control.

They minimise pesticide utilisation and utilise non-poisonous strategies for both indoor and open air applications at whatever point accessible for a specific application. As a result of their progressed and exceedingly successful strategies for fighting dangerous pests, they can offer a less expensive pest control service than numerous different services and longer assurances against new pervasions. Their professional pest controllers won’t just only understand your present pest issues, but they can likewise review your present circumstance and detect any indications of future pest issues that may emerge.

Brisbane Pest Control Services for Residential Customers

Brisbane Pest Control companies are a dime a dozen, and selecting the right company to provide you with the best services may prove to be quite a task. Maybe you do not have the time to research on the particular pests infesting your home or office or maybe you do not have the materials or the right procedures to control the pests. You will need Brisbane pest control services. Although for many this might seem like an expensive venture, it will, in the long run, save you money and potentially uncontrollable damage. Selecting the right company for your pest control services in Brisbane need not be an arduous task if you follow the following steps:

Cockroach discovers Brisbane Pest Control Services

First, you need to identify the pest and if possible research on the control methods that can be applied in its control. There may be a requirement for the change in the landscaping, and this may eliminate the need for professional Brisbane pest control services. This can be the case if the pest is located on a tree on your compound which would mean that uprooting it would eliminate the risk of more damage. Also, our pest control company may be able to access chemicals that you as an individual may not have access to hence the need for professional assistance.

The next thing you can do when looking for Brisbane pest control services would be to get recommendations from your neighbours, friends, and relatives regarding pest control that they may have used in the past. Call these service providers and find out what services they offer. They may offer Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods that do not involve the use of chemicals or maybe they offer monthly sprays to avoid recurrence.

The pest control services you decide to hire needs to inspect the site. This inspection may come at a fee, but the company needs to offer a detailed diagnosis once the inspection is done. The diagnosis should include the recommended treatment and the pesticide to be used as well as the need for frequent treatment and any additional costs if necessary.

Next, you need to consider the recommendations made by the Brisbane Pest Management Company and consider what would be most appropriate for your situation. If the company is using IPM, then this may mean a requirement for screens on your windows and doors. Also, gauge your chemical tolerance especially when it comes to children and pets playing around the site.

Gold Coast Pest Control Services

Want to get Gold Coast Pest control services? Or Water damage restoration at Brisbane? Or Carpet Cleaning anywhere in between.

We at South Queensland Restorations offer proper and quality cleaning services only done by authorised and fully trained technicians.

Our reputation has grown leaps and bounds with our punctuality and service. We provide service at your convenience, even if it requires us to work at odd hours. Customer satisfaction is our Ultimate Goal and we never miss out on our commitment.

Every job of ours is fully insured and professionally done.

South QLD cleaning services have been delivering clean and hygienic homes since year 2000 and have never faltered to please our clients.

We work all through South East Queensland from Brisbane to Gold Coast and are open officially from Dawn till Dusk, but you needn’t worry because we can fit your schedule as per demand.  We started as a Carpet cleaning company but now have grown ten folds all thanks to your great Feedback’s and today we provide a host of facilities, that includes:

  1. Carpet Cleaning
  2. Carpet Repair
  3. Upholstery and rug cleaning
  4. Newly opened Gold Coast Pest Control
  5. Water damage restoration and tile cleaning.
  6. Driveway cleaning
  7. A 24/7 Emergency response service and a host of other facilities related to cleaning too.

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Why should you choose us?

In this era of high tech gadgets and machines one can never achieve that superior cleaning and peace of mind with your self service machine that we are going to provide at South QLD cleaning Services with our 100% professional staff’s commitment towards cleaning. All the chemicals used by us are safe and non-interfering with human and Pets life. We work for anybody and everybody, right from small homes to workplace and factories we are available always at your service. So , choosing us gives you 100% satisfaction. Or we don’t take it as work done.

Water damage service, Brisbane is one of our best specialties and we are always there with you at time of your pain and problem.  Pest control Gold Coast is our pretty new facility specialising in getting the unwanted Pest out of your place and life.  Booking a service with us will always give you what you are looking for and we are sure you will always want to come back to us for your jobs to be done.

You can check our Testimonials any time to see what our satisfied customers have to say about us and feel free to question with whatever your queries are. We are always eager to help you. Looking forward to meet you and provide quality job to you.

We are fully licensed and certified by the required authorities. Feel free to contact us for Gold Coast Pest Control services on 1300 762 021.

Residential Pest Control Services

There is nothing worse than having that creepy feeling that your kitchen has secret places full of pests! You do not see them all the time, but now and then you see a dead cockroach on its back when you arrive to the kitchen, or another one skittle across the floor only to disappear under the dishwasher. No matter how much you clean, you just know there are secret hiding places where they are feasting on the crumbs. Out of the reach of your diligent cleanliness.

The idea of turning your kitchen upside down is tempting, but you simply do not have the time or energy. This may only result in you cleaning similar surfaces to what you already clean. It may not get to the root of the problem, where pests are hiding. You go on hoping that half a cockroach does not appear in your dinner party salad. You fear the awful revealing of a nightmare encounter.

Many kitchens have more pests than just the pests you fear. They are incredible at finding spaces to live in only to roam freely in your kitchen at night, when they are at their most active, and when you are not around.

In reality, there is no need to sincerely fear these little critters. They are a phone call away from being managed. With a simple call to South Queensland Restorations you can have peace of mind knowing your kitchen is free of pests. South Queensland Restorations are experienced professionals in residential pest control and do it with a minimum of fuss.

There is no need to spring clean before the cleaners come in, they have seen it all, and know how to get the job done. They use child friendly products that allow you to be straight back in the kitchen to prepare tonight’s meal.

Stop worrying about your kitchen pest problem, just get on the phone to the most professional pest removal group around. Be at ease in your kitchen, know that you can prepare your best dishes for your loved ones with the knowledge of a pest free environment.

South Queensland Restorations can come to your home anytime of day, and depending on the size of the area your want handled, you can be pest free in as little as an hour. A very small price to pay for the peace of mind of pest free cooking and living.

Residential pest control

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