Water Damage Victoria Point

Water Damage Victoria Point

Water Damage Will Cause Negative Health Issues

Water damage is extremely damaging to most building materials. If not treated properly water damage will deteriorate wood and other structural materials of a building. It is highly important to have the water removed as quickly as possible before it has the opportunity to cause more damage. Water damage caused by floodwaters will often contain toxins such as sewage, animal or industrial waste. These microorganisms can cause severe health issues if not treated immediately. Bacteria that festers can be potentially harmful to people and cause major respiratory injuries. Also, mold and mildew can cause irreparable damage to materials even after all the standing water is gone. Health and safety is a major concern when dealing with the effects of water damage. The mold and mildew that can fester in a property can lead to serious health problems for its residents.

A Victoria Point Water Damage Restoration Is Just One Call Away

South Queensland Restorations knows how to treat and repair water damage in and around Brisbane with the help of proper equipment and methods. Without the right tools it can be a very difficult problem. South Queensland Restorations uses premier industry dehumidifiers and dryers which can fix the problem quickly and help restore a property with minimal losses.

The South Queensland Restorations Method

Rapid response and proper care will help restore the structure and contents and minimize the need for additional repairs and replacements. South Queensland Restorations uses solid method to drying and restoring water damaged properties to a quality condition. Beginning with water extraction, removing the excess water from the damaged area.. Using wet vacuuming equipment, pumps and mopping to extract excess water. Once the excess water is removed the next step is evaporation. This changes the liquid into a vapor and decreases the damage to the property. We then use dehumidification equipment to remove moisture that has evaporated into the air to revive a natural clean atmosphere.  

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