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Upholstery Cleaning Greenbank

Whether it be antique or modern, upholstery on furniture is common in Australia and can be found in all sorts of living environments. However it is susceptible to tarnishing over the years, so it is often needed to be cleaned on a regular basis to restore it. Cleaning upholstery is very important if you want to change your furniture’s appearance by making it look brand new, or if you want to remove an old odour or eliminate allergens that may be hiding in the upholstery.

South Queensland Restorations was recently called to clean a lounges’ upholstery in Greenbank, that was overridden with stains and was looking very dilapidated.

The images below show what the lounge resembled before South QLD cleaned it:



In order to remove stains like this, South QLD feels that it is necessary to create a test patch in order to trial the colour fastness. When testing the effect of cleaning products on certain materials, the term colour fastness is used to describe if the colour of a material is resistant to fading or running when using cleaning solutions. If this test patch is successful, and the colour doesn’t fade or run, the lounge is able to be clean.

In this case, the test patch was successful so as a result, the next step was to pre spray the lounge with South Queensland Restorations Service’s own special cleaning solution and brush the solution into the lounge in order for the fluid to soak into the furniture. South QLD then utilised an upholstery cleaning tool to clean the lounge suite and waited 2 hours for the formula to eliminate the stains and dry.  

The image below shows how fantastic and clean the lounge looks after being cleaned by South QLD:


If you are ever in need for your upholstery to be cleaned or repaired call South Queensland Restorations. We have all the special equipment required for your upholstery to be cleaned, and use our own special solution to produce spectacular results! Our team services Brisbane and Gold Coast cities, and their surrounding suburbs from the Sunshine Coast to Tweed heads.

South Queensland Restorations also offers a wide range of other services, such as mould removal, carpet cleaning, water damage restoration and tile cleaning

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