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Tile  & Grout Cleaning Services

We Have Got Your Tiles and Grout Covered at Richlands

Have you ever been frustrated seeing dull tiles in your house floors, bathroom, and kitchen backsplash? Are you unsatisfied with how office tiles look as well? Worry no more because South Queensland Restorations is offering excellent tile and grout cleaning to every house, office, restaurants, schools, hotels, and just about any commercial establishments and industrial structures. We have highly-trained technicians to handle every clean job. They do not only clean; they make sure that tiles and grouts are brought back to their original luster. We use only safe cleaning products and highly- recommended tools and equipment. We get rid of every mould and deep-seated dirt on the grout. We treat stains, water spots, acid water, and everything that makes the tiles look dull.

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Why trust South Queensland Restorations? We have already made a great name in the cleaning industry. We have almost two decades of expertly executing the cleanings for residents, businesses, and industries all over Brisbane. Our humble beginning started way back in 2000. Back then, we were just offering carpet cleaning and carpet restoration services. However, we sought the need to also cater to cleaning several other homes, business, and industry essentials.

Several Cleaning Services

We now provide cleaning of carpets, air conditioning units, and upholstered furniture. We also clean the outdoors which includes high-pressure cleaning of bricks, patio, pavers, sidewalks, driveways, and walkways. Should houses or structures be infested with ‘unwanted guests’ such as cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, we get rid of them. We also perform expert methods to make the area and stuff free from dust mites and bed bugs.

Our high priority service is the water damage restoration services. We know full well how flood water can be detrimental to the structure and dwellers of flooded houses and any structure. Using our efficient equipment, we swiftly extract water. We then thoroughly clean the area including floors, walls, carpets, etc. Should there be water damage stains and moulds already, we immediately treat them to avoid further contamination or damage.

We offer all of these and more! We would love to discuss more details with you. Simply call us at 1300 762 021 for pricing, bookings, etc. Our 24-hour emergency line is available for any emergency flood water extraction or water damage restoration service. Call us at 0400 716 182, and we will instantly go to the rescue.

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