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Tile and Grout Cleaning Prowess at New Beith

Do you need the expert help of tile and grout cleaners at New Beith? South Queensland Restorations is offering reliable tile and grout cleaning to residents and business owners in the area. We are an Australian company with almost two decades of extensive cleaning experience.

Why Trust South Queensland Restorations

We have been in the cleaning industry since 2000. South Queensland Restorations started out as a carpet cleaning and carpet repair company. Through the years, we have extended our service offerings to various specialized services. Our long list of loyal customers can attest to our cleaning prowess.

We clean ceramic tiles, travertine tiles, limestone tiles, porcelain tiles, granite tiles, terracotta tiles, marble tiles, slate tiles, sandstone tiles, vinyl tiles, among many other kinds of tiles. Our highly-trained technicians can surely handle every type of tile with every type and complexity of dirt, grime, mould, and contaminant. They use effective methods and utilize appropriate cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment.

We are also good at cleaning outdoor tiles and surfaces. We use high-pressure cleaning of patios, walkways, bricks, pathways, garage floors, car parks, poolside, stairs, and just about every outdoor surface. We are confident in the effectivity high-pressure cleaning in getting rid of algae, moulds, stains, grime, pet urine stains, tree sap stains, etc.

Specialized Services

Since we started as a carpet cleaning and carpet repair company, it is safe to claim that we are best experienced with carpets. We thoroughly clean them using great methods, safe cleaning products, and efficient equipment. We also treat water damage stains on the carpet as well as pet urine stains. We are able to treat every kind of stain, grime, dirt, and contaminants your carpet has been exposed to. We can also restore it to its original state.

We also do the residential and commercial cleaning of rugs, air conditioners, and upholstered furniture. We also do pest control. If there are house floods or building floods, we can immediately do water extraction and water damage restoration services.

All of these services and more! Simply call us at 1300 762 021 for bookings, pricing, and details about several other services we offer. For emergency water extraction and water damage restoration services, you can call us even after office hours at 0400 716 182. We are looking forward to being of service to you at New Beith.

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