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Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning at Munruben

Cleaning tiles and grout is never an easy task. Regular mopping will not completely eradicate the dirt, especially on grout. Grouts are porous in nature that is why moulds and dirt thrive on the pores. Also, stains, water marks, acid marks, etc. can contribute to the dullness of tiles. To get squeaky clean and brand-new looking tiles, it is imperative that you seek professional tile and grout cleaning. The great news is, South Queensland Restorations offers its tile and grout cleaning expertise catering to residential, commercial, and industrial tiles and grout cleaning needs at Munruben.

What We Do

We clean residential cleaning of bathroom floors, showers, tubs, kitchen floors, backsplashes, countertops, and room floors. We also clean hotels and condominium hallways, entryways, lobby, rooms, etc. Our highly trained and certified technicians can surely handle every type of tile with every level or complexity of dirt and stains. Before cleaning, our technicians determine the type of tile. This is important because tiles differ in material and compositions and each requires specific cleaning method, cleaning solution, and equipment. After thoroughly cleaning, our technicians can offer tile and grout sealing. This method gives back the luster of the tiles, thus making them look brand-new again. It also provides protection against moisture that causes moulds to thrive, and against potential dirt and contaminants that can affect the tile and grout’s longevity.

High-Pressure Cleaning

We do the high-pressure cleaning of the outdoor tiles and surfaces. We do pressure-cleaning on tiles, bricks, or concrete surfaces on patios, walkways, pavers, pavements, garage floors, car parks, poolside, stair, etc.

We are also into cleaning other residential and commercial essentials such as carpets, rugs, air conditioners, and upholstered furniture. We also get rid of unwanted ‘guests’ in homes and buildings so we do pest control. In events of flooding, we can provide emergency water extraction and water damage restoration services.

All these great services are available to every tenant, home owner, or business owners at Munruben. Call us at 1300 762 021 for bookings, queries, or quotation. You can also call us at our 24-hour line at 0400 716 182 for emergency flood water extraction and water damage restoration services. We are excited to being of service to you at Munruben.

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