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Tile  & Grout Cleaning Services

Need Expert Tile and Grout Cleaners at Moorooka?

Have you ever been frustrated with cleaning your own house tiles? Floor tiles may be easy to clean. However, dirt and stains may stick on grouts in between the tiles. More so with tiles on bathrooms and kitchen backsplash. Moulds and mildew can accumulate on areas that are always wet. In addition, water spots or water stains can be evident on them and that no amount of cleaning can bring their luster back. This is where expert tile and cleaning service companies come in the scene. The good news is, at Moorooka, South Queensland Restorations is offering its excellent tile and grout cleaning. We clean tiles and grout and make them brand-new looking again.

Why Trust Us

We are an Australian-owned, fully-licensed company operating since 2000. The company initially offered carpet cleaning and repair services. However, having realized the need to cater to other essential services, we evolved to what we are now – offering various cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services to residents, businesses, and corporations.

We provide expert cleaning services no matter how big or small. Since we started from humble beginnings, we take delight in catering to small home cleaning tasks as much as we do with great company cleaning jobs. Other than tile and grout cleaning, we also do several cleaning jobs for homes, hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, etc. We thoroughly clean carpets and rugs whether at home, corporate, or business establishments. We also expertly clean air conditioning units and every upholstered furniture. We clean the outdoors using high-pressure cleaning system. This includes pressure cleaning of pavers, bricks, patios, driveways, walkways, and side walks.

Efficient Pest Control at Moorooka

We are not just concerned about cleanliness but we also want to make any area safe and comfortable to stay in. That is why we offer pest control. Dust mites thriving on beddings and furniture can trigger respiratory illnesses such as asthma and hay fever. They could also cause eczema. Fleas on pets do not only make our pets uncomfortable but they can also live on carpets and rugs. Cockroaches are the dirtiest and they can cause food poisoning or gastric illnesses because they spread dangerous microbes. We are well aware of the health concerns and nuisance of pests that is why we offer such services. We also get rid of ants, spiders, and every unwanted guest. We aim to bring homes and buildings back to safety.

Call us at 1300 762 021 for more details and bookings. You can also call 0400 716 182 for 24/7 emergency flood water extraction and water damage restoration services.

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