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Excellent Tile and Grout Cleaning at Mansfield

Tile and grout cleaning may simply require sweeping and mopping. However, despite regular cleaning, stains may accumulate on the surface of tiles. In addition, moulds and dirt can be stuck on the grout. Constant foot traffic and mopping may also leave the tiles dull-looking. Such situations call for the expert services of tile and grout cleaners. South Queensland Restorations proudly boasts of its tile and grout cleaning service’s availability at Mansfield. Our cleaning professionals are fully-licensed and highly-trained. We use appropriate and highly-recommended equipment, tools, and cleaning products

Expert Cleaning in Almost Everything

South Queensland Restorations is not limited to tile and grout cleaning. In fact, we started as a carpet cleaning and repair company. The humble beginning enabled us to be expert in handling any type of carpets. Since then, we evolved into a company that caters to various cleaning and restoration needs of almost every residential, commercial, and industrial essential. We clean air conditioning units and upholstered furniture of houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, and just about any commercial and industrial establishments. We do not just clean indoor stuff. We are also great at cleaning the outdoors by using pressure cleaning system. We clean bricks, pavers, driveway, sidewalks, and walkthroughs. We also care about the safety of your house or property, as well as your own safety that is why we do pest control. We eliminate destructive termites as well as frightful spiders, dirty cockroaches, annoying ants, dust mites, bed bugs, and every kind of annoying pest.

On Dealing with Flood Water Damage

Inevitable flooding situations also happen in any area. We offer emergency water extraction service for any kind of flood water situations at Mansfield. We understand the urgency of handling such unfortunate situations that is why we have our efficient water extraction system. After getting rid of the excessive water, completely dry the walls, floors, carpets, etc. We make sure that the area is safe that is why we clean and treat water damage stains and moulds. If carpets cannot be fully restored because of damage, we can replace them with new ones.

Let us prove to you how we expertly handle the cleaning and restoration. Call us at 1300 762 021 for more details. You can also call our 24/7 emergency line at 0400 716 182.

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