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Tile  & Grout Cleaning Services

Good-Looking Tiles at Logan Central

Tile and grout cleaning is vital to the longevity of the tiles. That is why they have to be properly cleaned. However, despite regular cleaning, layers of dirt still get trapped, especially on the grout. Stains and water marks may accumulate in time; not to mention the dullness that happens over time. No matter how stylish or expensive the tiles are, if they are dull, dirty, or stained, they will look unattractive. Whether you are a home owner or a business owner at Logan Central, we can help you with thoroughly cleaning and maintaining the great looks your tiles.

Appropriate Handling of Tiles

We are South Queensland Restorations. We have been expertly cleaning for almost two decades. Our expert technicians can do every tricky tile and grout cleaning situations. By tricky, it means the cleaners should know how to handle dirt, stains, and contaminants on every tile type. There are ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble tiles, bluestone tile, granite tiles, terracotta tiles, sandstone tiles, etc. Each tile type varies in composition so each should be handled accordingly. Only certified technicians can do that. Ours have been trained and certified by leading Australian training institutions. Rest assured they can handle every type of tile in accordance with the type and level of dirt and stains. We use the proper tools, techniques, and cleaning solutions. We also do tile and grout sealing to prevent future stains, moulds, and contaminants from adhering to the tiles and grout.

Effectivity of High-Pressure Cleaning

We can do from low-pressure to high-pressure cleaning, depending on the type of floor surface. We usually do high-pressure cleaning on concrete floors and outdoor surfaces such as patios, bricks, pavers, pool area, car parks, garage floors, driveways, and pathways. High-pressure cleaning is effective in eliminating oil stains, dirt, dust, moulds, mildew, algae, tree sap, pet stains, and debris.

Water Damage Restoration Service

South Queensland Restorations is not only focused on tiles and grout. We also have a wide range of cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services. We give high priority to flood water extraction or water damage restoration service. We can act upon emergency situations of flooding. We are always ready to extract water, dry the affected area and its contents, and treat water damage stains.

Call us now at 1300 762 021 for bookings, quotations, or queries. You can also call 0400 716 182 for after office hours calls for emergency water damage restoration.

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