Service Area – Lyons

Water Damage / Flood Restoration


Expert Water Damage Restoration at Lyons

Moulds, rust, and bacteria may thrive in the least amount of water. That is why in situations such as toilet overflow, sink overflow, or washing machine leakage, we have to be vigilant about the presence of water in the area. Moulds, especially black ones, trigger respiratory illnesses such as asthma, flu-like symptoms, allergic rhinitis, and colds. It can also cause deterioration of the structure and its contents like carpets, rugs, curtains, walls, timber floors, walls, etc. That is why water damage requires urgent action and attention. However, it is never easy to deal with it. It takes expert skills and appropriate equipment, tools, and cleaning products to successfully do the water extraction, cleanup, and restoration. The great news is, we are great at all those! South Queensland Restorations is offering excellent water damage restoration services to residents, home owners, and building owners at Lyons. We have been in the industry for a long time already and we have extensive experience dealing with every water damage situation. We have gathered a long list of satisfied customers and we aim to continue doing so at Lyons.

Our Restoration Process

We deploy highly-skilled water damage restoration professionals in the area. They first assess the affected area of water category and water damage classification to make sure they implement the appropriate methods and utilize proper tools, equipment, and cleaning products that are situation specific. They then thoroughly extract water and leave no traces of water behind. They also make sure that there are no traces of water and moisture on the contents of the area including carpets, rugs, doors, floors, walls, curtains, bed sheets, furniture, and everything that got wet. Finally, they do the necessary cleanup and treatment of water damage stains. They also do the necessary deodorization on carpets.

We are always ready to respond to any emergency water damage extraction and water damage restoration needs at Lyons. Call us at 1300 762 021 during business hours. You can also call us at our 24-hour number 0400 716 182 even after business hours. We are certain that you will be more than satisfied with the results of our extraction, restoration, and cleanup services.