How to Clean Your Carpet: The Professionals Guide

As professional certified IIRC technicians, we take great care in handling your carpet, ensuring that it stays intact and lasts for as long as possible. If you have been wondering how to clean your carpet, then your answer is that the best way involves the engagement of professionals in the area. Different pieces require specialised handling, and they need the right cleaning processes to be used.

Below is a systematic look at how we go about the process of cleaning your carpet.

  • The pre-inspection stage
    At this point, we take a look at your carpets, taking into consideration the space they occupy, the materials they are made of and their present condition. After that, we provide a rough idea of what the cleaning will involve and how long it would take.
  • Pre-vacuuming
    Dust particles could be embedded in intricate areas of your carpet, and getting them out of these places can be difficult. We achieve this feat by conducting an initial vacuuming procedure, ensuring that every single inch of the piece is covered.
  • Transferring furniture
    We move furniture around in order to create space, which then allows us to access your carpets in entirety. The moving process is handled delicately, ensuring that no breakages or general knocks are experienced.
  • Spotting and precondition
    We have a wide selection of detergents at our disposal, and we use them to maximum effect, ensuring that the carpets are safe and free from infestations and stains. Our detergents go to work the moment we launch them, making it easy to stay within strict deadlines.
  • Steam extraction
    This process involves the use of powerful extractors designed to work with all types of carpets. Steam extraction has the ability to keep carpets clean without compromising their durability.
  • The application of deodorants and neutralisers
    At this point, we use deodorising procedures to clear your home or business of any smell from our detergents. We also take care of any left-over cleaning materials lying around.
  • Re-arranging your furniture
    Having cleared up some space, we move your pieces of furniture back to their original position. Again, this is done with the utmost care.
  • Grooming
    This is the last step in the process, and it aims to make sure that your house looks as clean as possible, that there are no odours and that everything is in place.

For a long time, we have been handling different carpet cleaning projects, and our assignments are always executed to perfection. Our certified experts are always willing to help whenever you reach out.