Service Area – Holmview

Water Damage / Flood Restoration


Water Damage Restoration Prowess at Holmview

Damaged sewage line may cause water to gush in and leave the furniture, floor, walls, doors, and carpets soaked. When left unattended, water damage may occur. Moulds, rust, mildew, and de-lamination may thrive in the structure and its contents. That is why it is imperative that the presence of water be eradicated and appropriate cleanup take place within the first 24 hours. Otherwise, water damage stains could cause deterioration as well as health hazards to the inhabitants. However, if you are a resident or a building owner at Holmview, we can help. South Queensland Restorations offers its excellent water damage restoration service in the area. We have been servicing since 2000 and we are continuing our efforts in bringing about the best services to our customers.

Why We Rock at Water Damage Restoration

We only deploy highly-trained and certified water damage restoration professionals. They were trained and duly certified by leading training institutions. They are well-versed with every water damage classification and water category. They base their cleaning method on these two factors. We have acquired the best equipment available. Our water damage emergency response vehicle (ERV) is always ready to be utilized in any given emergency situation. It has efficient water extraction system, dehumidifiers, and dryers. All of these are our tools to effectively get rid of water up to the least amount of moisture in the affected area, floors, carpets, doors, walls, rugs, curtains, bed sheets, fabrics, and everything that got wet. After completely drying up the area and its contents, we treat water damage stains if there is already evidence of such in the area.

We Are Always Ready to Serve

We are open every day. We are always ready 24/7 for any emergency flood water extraction or water damage restoration services. Simply call us at 1300 762 021 during business hours. Should the emergency situation occur after business hours, you can still get in touch with us at 0400 716 182. We are sure you will be amazed at how excellent we do the water damage restoration at Holmview. It is our mandate to do the necessary cleanup and restoration and bring the area and our customers back to safety.