Flood Damage Remediation – Team Work Gets The Job Done

Suffering a major flood can be devastating and may involve having to throw out heaps of water sodden items and replace water damaged appliances, not to mention the loss of personal items, which because of their sentimental value can never be replaced. It’s at times like these that many people feel they don’t know which way to turn.

Working as a team

Speed is of the essence when dealing with flood water damage which is why we always respond to a cry for help as quickly as possible. Once we get to you we’ll quickly assess the damage and prioritise jobs so that devastation is kept as minimal as possible. While we’re fully equipped to extract flood water, dry out your property with giant fans and industrial dehumidifiers, and attempt to save your carpets, we draw the line at burst pipes and water damaged appliances. Instead we’re happy to pass that job on to one of our associates, Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage.

We’ve worked alongside their technicians on various occasions when dealing with the aftermath of flooding. While we’ve been kept busy drying things out, removing mould and bacteria, and cleaning carpets, they’ve often been repairing or installing hot water systems which have stopped working due to burst pipes or through the water heater being submerged in water. Together we’ve worked as a team to ensure that the property is healthy and safe for our customers to work or live in.

A little more about Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage

Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage are a family run business based in Birkdale with a large team of contractors operating across the city 24/7 so when disaster strikes, they’re never far away. We can vouch for the quality of their service and great workmanship and are always happy to recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable and efficient plumber.

Their friendly team of licenced technicians has the skills and experience to install and repair gas, electric, and heat pump water heaters and has been operating within the community for many years. In fact, they’re one of Brisbane’s leading hot water plumbers and electricians. If you’re experiencing any problems with your hot water system, then these guys can soon have you up and running.

Other services

Operating a same-day service, this team of local plumbers can deal with a variety of plumbing problems including:

  • Hot water systems
  • Blocked drains
  • Burst pipes
  • Roof and gutter repairs
  • Gas fitting services

and cover residential, commercial and industrial plumbing. All of their work is carried out by licenced technicians and is fully guaranteed. They’re happy to offer free no obligation quotes and will give you non-biased advice over the phone too.

Meanwhile, if we can be of assistance with carpet or rug cleaning, flood damage remediation, or commercial or residential cleaning then please give South Queensland Restorations a call today on