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Tile  & Grout Cleaning Services

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners at Drewvale

Tired of cleaning tiles and grout? Frustrated with stubborn stains despite regular cleaning? Disappointed with how dull the tiles currently look? Worry no further because tile and grout cleaning experts are available at Drewvale. South Queensland Restorations has the best cleaning methods, deploy highly-skilled technicians, utilize the best cleaning equipment and safe products. We appropriately handle tiles and grout according to level and type of dirt, grime, grease, moulds, mildew, etc. Rest assured that your tiles get squeaky clean and left undamaged. We transform them from dull to brand-new looking. We continuously conduct research to ascertain updated methods and knowledge of our technicians.

Other Awesome Cleaning and Maintenance Services

South Queensland Restorations started off as a carpet cleaning company. However, the demands for cleaning other essentials were great that we needed to expand our expert services. We now offer cleaning services for upholstery, air conditioner, patio, driveway, walkways, and pavers among many others things. We also do pest control. We also specialize in cleaning and treating anything that has pet urine and pet hair.

Water Damage Restoration Services

There are inevitable situations when you might have to deal with a flooded house or establishment. Flood water may come from flash flood, burst pipes, leaking roof, river or stream overflow, or damaged water system. Taking immediate action is vital in such situation. This is because bacteria, mould, and contaminants thrive in stagnant water. Thus, posing health hazards to inhabitants of the affected area. Moulds can trigger respiratory illnesses such as athsma, allegic rhinitis, and flu-like symptoms. It is imperative to have the situation under control. We sought that need that is why we at South Queensland Restorations services offer emergency water damage restoration. We use highly-recommended water extraction system to thoroughly and swiftly eradicate water. Afterward, we completely dry the affected area, along with carpets, mattresses, furnishings, and everything that got soaked. Should there be mould and water damage stains, we treat immediately them. We restore stained or discolored carpets and fabrics to their original state and colour.

Given these various expert services, you are assured that we can deal with just about any cleaning, maintenance, and restoration needs. Call us now at 1300 762 021 for more details on pricing, packages, and bookings. For emergency water damage restoration, you can call 0400 716 182. We will be more than glad to speak with you and take over the cleaning job.

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