The do’s and dont’s of hosting the perfect Christmas lunch

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas carols are being blasted through shopping centre speakers, Santa has made his way into every local food court and you haven’t even started to think about which presents you are buying for each of your loved ones. Although it is the season to be jolly, the lead up to Christmas is usually filled with stress.

Can I buy socks for dad, again? Should I really get Aunty Judy that bottle of wine? Do I really have that many cousins?

Despite all the stress, when everything comes together on Christmas day the feeling is magical. One of your favourite things about your family has always been their ability to put their differences aside, and spend Christmas day together. There is nothing better than grabbing a plate of your mum’s cooking, sitting down and listening to your family reconnect. ThMerry at was, until this year. Every year lunch is hosted at a different family member’s home, and this year… your mum suggested it was your turn.

You’ve worried about enough things in the lead up to Christmas, the last thing you need to be doing is feeling anxious on Christmas day. At South Queensland Restorations, we know how stressful Christmas day can be. Here is a list of our Christmas lunch do’s and don’ts to help get you through the day with a smile on your face and your antlers still attached.

Do create a playlist. There is nothing like the power of Christmas music to help put you and your guests in a festive mood. How can you mum possibly be mad at you for forgetting to turn the oven on when the smooth sounds of Bing Crosby are singing White Christmas in the background?

Don’t get out the guitar. As much as we all love Christmas carols, now is not the time to show off those four music lessons you took this past year. Those four chords you know may have been perfected, but wait until your next gig to sit your family down and sit them through your show.

Do prepare your shopping list well in advance. Know your guest list, make sure you will have enough food to cater for everyone and plan to have leftovers. Once your menu has been decided on, head to the store and buy all the non perishables that you don’t have as soon as possible. Schedule a shopping trip for any perishables as far out from Christmas as you can manage. Get in, get out, and get cooking.

Don’t leave your shopping until the last minute. You don’t want to have to brave the stores for vital recipe ingredients on Christmas Eve. As we move closer to the big day, people start to stockpile all of the food they could possible need. Not only are you more likely to miss out on the perfect leg of ham, the chaos of a shopping centre the day before Christmas will not bring you anything but stress.

Do cook. There is a high possibility that your family already knows how great you are at ordering take away. There is nothing as delicious as a home cooked meal. With everyone bringing a plate of food, you won’t have to worry about feeding your entire family on your own. Focus on nibblies and a few easy recipes that you can prepare beforehand.

Don’t try and be masterchef. Christmas day is about relaxing and enjoying the company of your guests. It is not about trying to see just how perfect you can make a croquembouche. Keep it simple and spend most of your day outside of the kitchen.

Do make the house sparkle. Dust, mop, and clean out the oven. You are going to have a lot of mums in your house and tinkering in your kitchen, help them to focus on anything else apart from cleaning. Plan to have your carpet cleaning done a week or so before the big day, the cleaner the house is the better.

Don’t worry when your Aunty spills the glass of wine on the carpet. You shouldn’t be down on your knees focusing on carpet cleaning every time someone drops something on the floor. With kids, food, adults and alcohol things are going to be spilled – that is a fact. South Queensland Restorations are carpet cleaning experts. We have the equipment, cleaning products and techniques to get even the toughest of Christmas stains out of your perfectly white carpet before your landlord notices.