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Tile  & Grout Cleaning Services

Commercial and Residential Tile and Grout Cleaners at Darra

Dirty, stained, and dull tiles and grouts are an eyesore, be it hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, and homes. They do not only look ugly, but they also pose health risks. Moulds thrive on porous materials such as grouts. If left untreated, they could trigger respiratory diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, and flu-like symptoms. Mould build-up could also damage the tiles. Proper tile and grout care are vital to maintaining cleanliness and safety of everyone in the office, business establishments, and family. We implement the best cleaning methods and utilize appropriate cleaning products and equipment. We invested a lot on training our technicians to ascertain that they are widely educated in dealing with the severity of dirt, and complexities of stains. So, whether you own a home or business, you can count on us to be your tile and grout cleaning partner.

Jack of All Services, Master of Everything

The cliché goes, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. However, at South Queensland Restorations, we are masters in various services. We have mastered each of them. We have been in the cleaning industry since the year 2000. We originally started out dealing with carpets only. But then we saw the demands of extensively cleaning other essentials. Hence, we have evolved to the company we are now – capable of offering a wide range of high-quality services.

Emergency Water Extraction at Darra

We are not only expert cleaners. We also deal with flood water or water damage restoration. Flood water may come in at any given time from burst pipes, leaking roof, damaged water system, or river overflow. We can urgently do water extraction. It is important that flood water or any form of stagnant water be eradicated to prevent any health risks. After getting rid of the water, we thoroughly dry the area, walls, floors, carpets, and furnishings. Should there be water damage evidence such as stains and moulds, we treat them. You can depend on us to completely dry, clean, and restore your home or establishment back to safety.

Your satisfaction is our reward. Call us now at 1300 762 021 to discuss with your more details, prices, packages, and bookings. We also have our 24/7 phone at 0400 716 182 for emergency water extraction and water damage restoration services. Let us prove to you that we care. Call now. We assure you that you will be glad you did.

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