Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast


    Transform Any Surface with South QLD Restoration

    Have you noticed your outdoor patio, deck or driveway looking dull? Or has the exterior of your property completely worn out? If yes, then all your surface needs is a professional pressure cleaning Gold Coast.

    Our team have been providing the Gold Coast with pressure cleaning services for over 20 years. Throughout these years we have been utilising our effective pressure cleaning equipment and experienced technicians to bring spaces back to life! There’s no need to stress if your property is looking worn out. Call in the professionals, so that your flooring gets the attention it deserves.

    Our industry-trained team on the Gold Coast have several years of experience in pressure cleaning all types of surfaces – tiles, concrete, cement, wood and more! No matter what the surface is, we guarantee amazing results!

    Only industry-standard pressure cleaning machines can successfully wash away dirt, mould, stains and other pollutants. There’s no point trying to clean it yourself! Our Gold Coast technicians have the skills and equipment required to get the job done properly.

    Man pressure cleaning floor

    Residential Pressure Cleaning Services for the Gold Coast 

    Our pressure cleaning services can brighten up your property. Whether you’re looking to get the exterior of your home cleaned or if your driveaway needs a freshen up, our team can achieve amazing results with our high-pressure cleaning services. We have been helping Gold Coast homeowners bring back life and vibrancy to their property for several years now.

    Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services for the Gold Coast

    From driveways to body corporates, our certified technicians on the Gold Coast can do it all. At South QLD Restoration we have the right pressure cleaning equipment to complete any size job – small or large! Our team can deliver top-quality results for any surface that needs to be cleaned for your commercial needs.

    We understand that finding the right time to get a job like pressure cleaning completed can be tricky when running a business. This is why we work around you. We will meet the needs of your situation, with no-fuss.

    Our Gold Coast Technicians Can Pressure Clean & Restore the Following Surfaces

    • Residential or commercial building exteriors
    • Tin roof
    • Tiled roof
    • Patios
    • Decks
    • Driveways
    • Cement walkways
    • Wood walkways
    • Tile walkways
    • Service station canopies
    • Large Carparks
    • Body corporates
    • Tennis courts
    • Shopfronts
    • Fencing
    • Pontoons

    Visit our main service page for more information about what our pressure cleaning services can restore.

    South QLD Restoration’s Pressure Cleaning Equipment  

    At South QLD Restoration we use high quality and effective commercial pressure cleaning equipment. The equipment we use has the power and features needed to wash off any pollutant elements from a surface. Our high-pressure washing method is safe and won’t damage your surfaces. It works by simply using a minimal amount of water at high pressures to remove grime, oil, animal excrement and more.

    We can adjust the pressure (PSI) of our cleaning equipment to ensure it suits the specific conditions of your surface. We can restore and bring any surface back to life with our industry-standard equipment.

    man pressure cleaning wall

    Advantages of Getting a Surface Professionally Pressure Cleaned

    • Professional equipment is used to achieve optimum results
    • Knowledgeable & trained technicians
    • Improves the appearance of any residential or commercial building
    • Adds value to your home
    • Decreases health issues & hazards by removing unwanted bacteria, mold, grime and algae
    • Increases the longevity of the surface
    • Saves you time

    Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Pressure Cleaning 

    How Do I Prepare for a Professional Pressure Clean?

    All you have to do is ensure all items in the area that we are pressure cleaning are moved out of the way. This will give our technicians a clear understanding of the entire space that needs to be serviced. For example, you might have to remove pot plants, electrical items or outdoor furniture.

    Once we arrive on-site, we will look for any problematic areas. We will look for any cracks, chips or weakened areas. If you’re aware of any areas that may be a concern, please bring this to our attention.

    Will Store-Bought Products Do the Same Job?

    Store-bought products can only do so much. You will save time, money and water by getting the professionals to complete the job for you. Store-bought products won’t achieve the same results as our industry-standard pressure cleaning equipment.

    Doesn’t Pressure Cleaning Damage My Surfaces?

    Our technicians are experienced in executing the job safely, by ensuring no damage is made to your surfaces. Although pressure cleaning may seem harsh, our team know how and when to adjust the pressure on our machines to suit specific surfaces or weak spots.

    How Much Does Your Pressure Cleaning Services Cost?

    Pricing for our pressure cleaning service is just $6 per square meter. Get a quote today.

    How Often Should I Get A Professional Pressure Cleaning Service?

    Of course, the answer to this question varies depending on the location, surface and circumstances. However, generally speaking, you should have your property professionally pressure cleaned once every two years. Or in some instances, people may require their surfaces to be washed on an annual basis.

    Why Choose South QLD Restoration?

    • Locally Owned Business
    • Experienced Pressure Cleaning Technicians
    • Fully Licenced and Insured Business
    • Quality Results Are Guaranteed
    • Competitive Prices

    South QLD Restoration Are Passionate About Bringing Your Surfaces Back to Life 

    If you’re located on the Gold Coast and are looking for professional pressure cleaning services you can trust, look no further than South QLD Restoration. We can service all areas of the Golf Coast: Southport, Broadbeach, Robina, Burleigh Heads, Palm Beach, Surfers Paradise and all other suburbs!

    So, if you’re searching for a professional pressure cleaning service for your commercial or residential space on the Gold Coast, we are the team to call.

    We do an excellent job at a fair price to ensure full customer satisfaction. We’re also available for regular maintenance and cleaning contracts.

    Contact our highly trained team today for excellent results every time! Or, get a FREE quote

    Let South QLD Restoration Make Your Property Look New Again

    Our team are dedicated to making your property look new again. We can restore the true beauty of your property. So, if you’re searching for a professional pressure cleaning service for your commercial or residential space, we are the team to call.

    We do an excellent job at a fair price to ensure full customer satisfaction. We’re also available for regular maintenance and cleaning contracts.

    Contact our highly trained team today for excellent results every time! Or, get a FREE quote.

    Other Services


    Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

    Whether it’s the couch, the dining seating, dad’s favourite…
    mould removal brisbane

    Mould Removal Gold Coast

    Whether it’s the couch, the dining seating, dad’s favourite…
    Special Services

    Special Services

    Commercial Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning


    Mould Removal Gold Coast

    Mould Removal Gold Coast


      Gold Coast’s Trusted Mould Removal Experts

      Gold Coast locals experience a subtropical climate almost all year round. This type of climate leads to humidity and rainfall, which creates increased moisture levels in the air. Gold Coast’s weather means that a lot of resident’s experience mould growth in their homes. This means you need mould removal Gold Coast, fast. However, it’s important to note that mould doesn’t just grow in bathrooms. Although bathrooms are a hotspot for mould growth, it’s a fungus that grows in all areas of your house.

      If you have mould in your home, you will need our expert mould removal Gold Coast service fast. The fungus contains airborne spores that travel straight to your lunges when breathing normally around the growth. In worst-case scenarios, the airborne spores remain in your lunges and continue to multiply, which causes further detrimental health issues.

      Mould is a serious issue and should only be looked after by professionals. Using DIY store-bought products is not the safe, correct or effective approach for mould growth. If you’re on the Gold Coast and need mould removed from your property, you can trust our mould removal specialists to get the job done. Our expert mould removal Gold Coast team can remove and remediate mould growth from residential properties, workplace spaces, commercial offices and more.

      See Our Mould Removal Gold Coast Process in Action

      Why Choose South QLD Restoration for your Mould Removal Gold Coast Needs?

      1. We provide an emergency service if your case requires urgent attention.
      2. South QLD Restoration is based in Logan Village, which means we can quickly get to any job on the Gold Coast.
      3. Our mould removal Gold Coast specialists use industry-standard products that provide guaranteed results.
      4. Our mould removal Gold Coast treatments are 100% safe for your property, family, staff and pets. 

      Health Issues Caused by Mould Growth 

      If left untreated mould can grow exponentially and cause extreme damage to you and your families health. Mould growth in your property can cause the following health issues:

      • Respiratory issues
      • Allergies
      • Asthma
      • Fever
      • Infections and illnesses of the lungs
      • Joint discomfort
      • Skin sensitivity
      • Weakened immune system
      • Memory loss
      • Problems and disorders in neurological and nervous system

      mould removal gold coast

      Where Will You Find Mould?

      Being situated on the Gold Coast means that properties are a lot more prone to mould growth. This is because mould grows in dark, moist and humid areas. The most common places our experienced technicians find mould is bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. Outside of these common areas, mould is also found in floors, walls and carpets.

      Mould flourishes in difficult to reach areas that lack ventilation, which is why it’s critical to have your property searched thoroughly for affected areas. If you suspect mould growth in your property but can’t seem to find it, call our team and we will complete a full inspection to locate any growth and quote you on our mould removal Gold Coast service.

      Tips and Tricks for Mould Prevention

      No matter how minimal your mould growth is, it’s important to know that all cases should be left to the mould removal Gold Coast experts. However, below are some simple steps that can be taken to help prevent mould from growing in the first place:

      TIP #1

      Don’t use carpets in moist areas of your home – bathrooms and laundry.

      TIP #2

      Take advantage of a fan or air conditioner during the hotter months. This tip is especially important for Gold Coast residents.

      TIP #3

      If you’re moving into a new home and need to paint it, try applying antimicrobial primers.

      TIP #4

      Regularly check for drainage or plumbing problems.

      Mould removal gold coast needed for mould growing on roof

      Trust Our Effective Mould Removal Gold Coast Treatment

      With 20 years’ experience, our processes have proved successful time and time again. Our team are trained to a very high standard in mould removal Gold Coast and are skilled at providing solutions for even the most challenging mould cases.

      We offer both a once-off prevention project and regular scheduled works to effectively maintain your property.

      Here’s how our process works from beginning to end…

      Mould on wall


      When our expert mould removal Gold Coast team arrives at your property, they’ll first assess the damage and determine the best way to treat the mould. In many cases it may be just a basic cleaning and sanitisation treatment and application of mould prevention with minimal charge. For the more serious cases, we will complete a full digital mould inspection and moisture testing throughout the interior of the property, including ceiling and wall cavities and any underfloor areas.


      If visible mould is located, we will contain the area to create temporarily safer conditions until our work officially commences.


      We will provide you with a report of the test results together with a price and timeline to remedy. The solutions we recommend will eliminate mould from your property and avoid future recurrence of the issue.


      Following our initial recommendations, we draw up a detailed report and scope of works for you to submit to your insurance company. We ensure all insurance requirements are ticked off for you to make this whole process quick and easy. Once works are complete, we also provide you with written reports and certification.


      Once the scope of works is approved, we then implement and install negative air control to avoid cross contamination. This prevents the escape of mould spores from the affected area and contains them within one section of the building.


      We complete all remediation works according to the IICRC S520 International Standards for mould removal Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on our consistent application of best practice in the treating, cleaning, and remediation of mould affected properties.


      We also conduct structural drying and treatment of structural building materials. This ensures all mould spores are removed and will not grow back.

      8. FINAL CLEAN

      For further preventative measures, we carry out a final deep clean and encapsulation, if required. This is often implemented in very serious cases to guarantee our work. Here we also conduct bacteria swaps to certify that the property is mould free.


      Upon completion of all works, we compile a final report for your records.


      When you first call us, we might be able to give an indication of how serious your mould problem could be, depending on how much information you can provide. We may also be able to indicate whether it requires urgent action.

      We are open from 6am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday, and 6am to 6:30pm on Saturdays.

      Based in Local Village, we have easy access to Brisbane and both the Sunshine and Gold Coast. We also offer an emergency service should your property need urgent mould removal Gold Coast.

      At South QLD Restoration, we only use professional grade products that are 100% safe for you and your family, pets, and staff.

      As well as being safe, our mould removal Gold Coast products also produce tangible results.

      Mould Removal Brisbane containment steps


      If you have mould in your home, you need to act quickly.
      At least get some information from our advice line so you are aware of your mould removal Gold Coast options.

      Other Services


      Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

      Whether it’s the couch, the dining seating, dad’s favourite…
      mould removal brisbane

      Mould Removal Gold Coast

      Whether it’s the couch, the dining seating, dad’s favourite…
      Special Services

      Special Services

      Commercial Cleaning

      Carpet Cleaning


      Special Services

      Special Services


        Special Services

        In addition to those 10 core business services listed in our Services Menu we also offer a range of specialised cleaning services that you may require either now or in the future. If that is the case, we would love to hear from you.

        In the meantime, take a quick look at what we offer in the specialised cleaning services. As you can see, there is nothing we don’t do!

        Boat Cleaning

        How many times have you had the carpets, floors and squabs professionally cleaned on your boat? Let us take a look and give you a price to bring it all back to life leaving fresh sanitised areas all ready for the next sailing. We can clean on the marina berth or trailer boats at home. We are satisfied that you will find our charges more reasonable than some of the marine cleaning company’s.

        Caravan Cleaning

        Caravan floor coverings and seating areas get some pretty harsh treatment. Dust, sand, mud and dirt are the main issues in floors and upholstery. We can professionally clean your carpets, tiles, floor coverings and upholstery. We can also clean the mattresses whether innerspring or squab style leaving them clean, sanitised and smelling fresh. It’s worth a call just to get an estimate. 1300 762021

        Pet Urine Stains

        If you have a pet urine stain in your carpet or rug, please don’t damage it further by using DIY methods and supermarket chemicals! Leave it to our experienced team. Our professional grade products and carpet cleaning methods are safe for your carpet but still have the power to remove both the stain and the smell. (Provided you haven’t already tried to clean the area yourself).

        Pet Hair Removal

        Pet hair can be extremely hard to remove from upholstery and carpets. That’s where South QLD Restoration can help! With our professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services, we can remove all types of pet hair from your carpet, rugs, your favourite chair and even your vehicle. We are just a phone call away on 1300 762021

        Private Plane Cleaning

        I guess we all wish we had a private plane and there are some of you out there with one. We would be very happy to talk with you about your requirements. This is a very specific cleaning operation and we have the team to carry it out. Planes present many small crevices and we have the correct machinery to get the carpets cleaned and sanitised to perfection. We look forward to your call.

        Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions

        If you are interested in any of our special services, please contact one of our helpful team members. We’ll happily provide you with a cost estimate over the phone for most projects (others may need to be seen first). Our range of special services help you tick off those hard to organise jobs that often require special equipment or products. When you book one of our special services, you won’t have to lift a finger, we’ll bring everything we need to get the job done. Call us when you are ready on 1300 762021

        Other Services

        Special Services

        Special Services

        Commercial Cleaning

        Carpet Cleaning


        Pressure Cleaning

        Pressure Cleaning Brisbane



          If your driveway is covered in oil stains, your deck or your courtyard tiles are looking dull or your roof tiles have turned black, you need our professional pressure cleaning Brisbane services. We guarantee you will be absolutely blown away by the before and after results. If you’re thinking about replacing your deck, tiles or roof tiles don’t spend thousands of dollars before giving us a call to let us tell you what we can do. We have surprised many customers with the results we have achieved and left them with a totally different situation than the one they had when we first arrived. We are flexible and can work around your schedule or your business hours!

          See Our Pressure Cleaning Process in Action

          South QLD Restoration Can Bring Your Flooring Back to Life

          Is your driveway covered in oil stains, or your outdoor deck area looking worn out or has your roof even turned black? If you answered yes to any of these, it may be time to consider professional pressure cleaning.

          We can completely transform a space by simply giving your flooring the attention and care it deserves with some professional pressure cleaning services. You will be blown away by the results – that is a guarantee!

          Don’t waste your time trying to scrub away any grime, mould or stains with store-bought DIY products. Nothing can beat a professional pressure clean. The results that are achieved with industry equipment is incredible.

          Residential & Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services

          Over the years our qualified team have brought both residential and commercial spaces back to life with our pressure cleaning services. We have the equipment and manpower needed to complete any size job: large car parks, patios, courtyards, shopping centres, shopfronts and so much more!

          Our team can meet the needs and requirements of your particular surface or situation. We can find a time that suits you, your family or your business. We’ll work around you!

          What Can Our Pressure Cleaning Services Restore?

          Residential or Commercial Building Exteriors

          Make your home or body corporate building look brand new again with a professional pressure clean. Our team can pressure clean all the exterior surfaces of your residential or commercial building.

          Roof Cleaning 

          Our team can professionally clean your roof – tin or tiled. Getting your roof professionally cleaned will clear moss, stains, dirt and other unwanted nasties.

          Patios, Decks, Driveways 

          We can make your properties outdoor area look new again with our professional pressure cleaning services. Getting your properties outdoor surfaces pressure cleaned not only improves its appearance but will also preserve its value.

          Cement, Wood or Tile Walkways 

          We have the equipment to pressure clean walkways with varying flooring materials. We can do it all!

          Service Stations

          At South QLD Restoration, we provide pressure cleaning services to service stations. We can pressure clean parking areas, canopies and sidewalks, covering every inch of the station.

          Graffiti Removal 

          We use our pressure cleaning services to remove any unwanted graffiti or other marks on your walls.

          How Pressure Cleaning Works 

          Professional pressure cleaning equipment has the power and force required to clean any surface from dirt, stains, debris and other elements. Through the equipment’s innovative features, it can clean almost anything. From patios, driveways and roofs to decks, boats and shopfronts, our equipment can do it all.

          The best part about our equipment is that it won’t damage your surfaces! Our washing method uses a minimal amount of water at high pressures to remove grime, oil, animal excrement and more. We use only the best pressure cleaning equipment available, ensuring we deliver exceptional results for our clients every time.

          No matter how big or small your space is, if it’s dirty, we’ll clean it!

          Benefits of Professional Pressure Cleaning 

          There’s nothing more satisfying than witnessing the amazing results of our pressure cleaning services. However, getting your surface professionally pressure cleaned has a lot more benefits than you may think. Here are just a few advantages of professional pressure cleaning:

          1. High-Quality & Professional Equipment

          Our experienced technicians use industry-standard equipment that achieves results, unattainable from store-bought cleaning products. Over the years our team have developed the skills needed to execute a job correctly and successfully.

          1. Knowledgeable & Trained Technicians

          No two pressure cleaning jobs are the same, which is why it’s important to call in the professionals. Once our technicians arrive on-site, they discuss and decide the best cleaning method for your particular situation.

          The severity of dirt or mould build-up will of course vary from job to job, so determining what products to use on different surfaces and different situations is a crucial part of the whole process.

          Getting a professional pressure cleaning service means you can enjoy a peace of mind, knowing the job is getting completed by technicians who are licenced, trained and experienced.

          1. Decreases Health Issues & Hazards

          Getting a professional pressure clean will remove any unwanted bacteria, mould or stains. Elements like these can cause health issues for your family, so removing items like mildew and mould will reduce the threat to a person’s health. A person suffering from allergies or asthma will especially benefit from a professional pressure clean.

          Why Choose South QLD Restoration?

          Locally Owned Business

          South QLD Restoration is a locally owned business, dedicated to providing quality results for our clients. We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and have developed a strong passion for clean-up restoration services.

          We’re Experienced 

          The entire team at South QLD Restoration are certified technicians, fully trained in their expertise. This means that our staff is equipped for any job!


          South QLD Restoration is fully licensed and insured. We are insurance company approved.

          Quality Results

          We have built a reputation for providing quality results for our clients. We complete every job professionally and efficiently.

          Affordable Prices  

          We offer competitive prices for our pressure cleaning services. Our pricing is $6 per square metre.

          Let South QLD Restoration Make Your Property Look New Again

          Our team are dedicated to making your property look new again. We can restore the true beauty of your property. So, if you’re searching for a professional pressure cleaning service for your commercial or residential space, we are the team to call.

          We do an excellent job at a fair price to ensure full customer satisfaction. We’re also available for regular maintenance and cleaning contracts.

          Contact our highly trained team today for excellent results every time! Or, get a FREE quote.

          Other Services

          Special Services

          Special Services

          Commercial Cleaning

          Carpet Cleaning


          Tile Repairs Brisbane

          Tile Repairs Brisbane


            Tile Repairs Brisbane

            Tiles are a versatile floor covering and look great. That is until they get damaged! They are not as easy as you would think to repair so why not call us first and we can offer some free advice over the phone. If it is a bigger job, we are happy to call out to inspect the problem at no cost to you. Don’t let one tile ruin the aesthetics of a whole room, let our tile repairs Brisbane team assist in making your tiles like new again!

            Most common tile damage

            • Cracked tiles
            • Chipped tiles
            • Floor movement
            • Adhesive breaking down

            • Grout falling out
            • Drummy tiles (sounds like a drum when tapped)
            • Lippy tiles (a tile incorrectly laid or lifted)
            • Sun or bleach fading

            We provide services on different kinds of tile applications

            • Bathroom floors and walls which are prone to getting damp
            • Clean and wash kitchen splashbacks and surface tops to eradicate oil spills
            • Any tiles throughout the entire property like driveways, floors and retaining walls

            • We undertake pressure washing to eradicate tough stains and spills
            • Removing unrepairable damaged tiles and replacing with alternative tile to blend in perfectly with the rest
            • Retaining wall and patio structure tiles

            Tile repairs Brisbane for your residential or commercial property

            Even when tiles have been professionally cleaned, if they are chipped cracked or broken, they will still look out of place and make the space look messy and dull. With our Brisbane tile repairs services and tile cleaning services, we can help you completely transform the tiles in your commercial or residential property!

            No tile repairs Brisbane job is big or too small for our experienced team

            Our team have the expertise to tackle all your tile repair Brisbane needs, be they big or small. While we’re there fixing your tiles, chat to us about our grout sealing services, tile cleaning and grout cleaning services and see if there is something more we can do for you now or in the future. Whatever the issues you are having with your tile flooring, we can work out a solution for you that will have your tiles looking new again.

            Silicone seal repair or replacement

            Old silicone is difficult to remove without the correct tools and even when it is removed, there will be a considerable amount of residue. If this is not completely removed before applying the new silicone you will definitely redoing the job sometime in the very near future. South QLD Restoration can remove mould, fungi, deteriorated, dirty silicone and replace with new silicone in your shower bases, waterproofed corners, taps, bathtub and vanity accessories together with any tiles in wet areas. Silicone seal replacement will provide a new clean look to all your areas and will also prevent your home from unexpected water leakage and subsequent damage.

            We have regular maintenance contracts available

            If you are a real estate office or own several commercial or residential properties and need a one-stop restoration agency, South QLD Restoration can help. We can take care of everything from tile repairs right through to carpet cleaning and pest control. When you work with us, you’ll have the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your maintenance or emergency repairs will be taken care of by licensed professionals with years of experience.

            Some of the services which we provide include:

            • Tile and grout cleaning making it shine
            • Including hygienic application for interior jobs
            • Re-grouting of the old and worn down grouts
            • Stripping off old and damaged wall or floor tiles from any part of residential or commercial establishments
            • Re-colouring of the discoloured grouts
            • Repairing damaged, cracked and chipped tiles

            • Providing ongoing instructions for clients for maintaining the tiles for prolonged durability
            • Cleaning and specialist internal pressure washing of tiles and grouts
            • You can hire our efficient team to work on any kinds of man-made tiles or natural stone tiles
            • We work with all tiles composites like ceramic, porcelain, granite, terracotta, vinyl, sandstone, travertine, limestone, granite and the rest

            Do you have any tile damage?

            Have you spotted one or more tiles that match any of those noted on the above list of possible damage? Maybe a cracked tile or even just a small chip? South QLD Restoration can help you today. In some instances we may be able to remove the tile from the floor or work with it in place to glue the pieces together on the crack line with an invisible repair. If that is not an option most homes have a few spare tiles in the shed somewhere and we can use those. If no spare tiles, we will need to search for a replacement or look at swapping the cracked tile with one of your tiles from a less conspicuous place.

            Why use professionals. Why not attempt the work yourself?

            In todays world we have a vast array of choice in searching for ‘how to’ projects and tile repair is no exception. You will see a selection of ideas and videos online showing how easy it is. But please remember, these videos have been recorded with professional people doing the work (or at least a well experienced person who has done the task many times previously). If you try the DIY now, remember that this will be your first time and I can assure you that it will not be as easy as it looks in the video. With any tile repair there is a high risk of tile breakage as they are very fragile and need to be handled with experience. You will think that a little ‘tap’ here or a ‘gentle’ lift there will surely not harm the tile. Wrong? That is all it takes to snap and if it is an old tile, you are now stuck with an extra repair.  Now is the time you need professionals like South QLD Restoration team for tile repairs.

            In addition to the above, many online videos are from other countries or have different climates, different sub-floor materials, different products. So for example if they suggest using adhesive ‘B’ and it is not available in Australia, what do you do? Get a regular adhesive maybe? Will that work? There is also the possibility that you may misunderstand the instructions due to slang or terminology differences. Just another thought, do you know how much the required tools will cost to do the job? We have the correct experience with plenty of knowledge and the tools to undertake the work and end up with a satisfactory result. If the job calls for it, we can go around the corners with precise cutting so that the every piece fits perfectly.

            All tilers at South QLD Restoration, have been trained, certified and carry suitable insurance to carry on the work of tile repairs and installation. Be it interior or exterior, we will assist you in getting the right tiles as per your requirements. We also work at replacing the tiles while matching the design and age the grout so that it doesn’t look out of place.

            What makes us so special in the field of tiles repairs?

            South QLD Restoration is known as an insurance company approved reputable local company with a reliable tile repairs team headed by a foreman with over 30 years in all aspects of tiling experience.  He attends every job. After working in various tiles service he know how to spot potential problems and he also knows where to source those hard to find tiles. Ask us for testimonials. Ask us to provide a quote and you can meet the man yourself and make your own judgement call.

            Tile Repair SERVICES
            Make contact with us today

            Are you in the regions of Far North Brisbane down to the Gold Coast areas? Contact us today for a no obligation free quote. Call 1300762021 for any restoration services including tile repairs, water damage, carpet cleaning, mould removal and more.

            Other Services

            Special Services

            Special Services

            Commercial Cleaning

            Carpet Cleaning


            Commercial Cleaning

            Commercial Cleaning Brisbane

              CALL BACK REQUEST

              CARPET and TILE CLEANING

              Commercial Cleaning Brisbane is something you need to take seriously for the health of you and your staff. A carpet can give your office, retail outlet, or hotel that extra luxurious touch, but when it’s dirty and grubby it can leave clients with a bad impression. Your carpet has a lot of foot traffic, and unlike home, it’s not customary to make clients remove their footwear before entering, so it makes sense that your carpet might need more regular carpet cleaning. The same goes for your tiles in public areas and other high traffic zones. Tiles will get mopped by your allocated cleaner on a regular basis but they will still have a grime build up over time and you will not realise just how much they have deteriorated. We can fix that with a tile clean or a carpet clean. This is why you need South QLD Restoration as your commercial cleaning Brisbane specialist.

              When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, we mean business

              Even if you have a regular cleaning company maintaining your office, if you want to get the longest life out of your carpet you will still need to freshen up those carpets with a commercial carpet cleaning service at least every 6-12 months depending on what level of foot traffic the carpets are subjected to. We are happy to do one off cleans for whenever you call but we offer discounted annual commercial carpet cleaning contracts for your Brisbane or Gold Coast premises. Please ask us about these when you call to book your commercial carpet cleaning on (07) 3184 4216. With a regular carpet cleaning schedule for your commercial premises your carpet always looks great and we can get through the cleaning process quicker than a carpet that has not been cleaned for a few years and therefore, a cheaper price for you. We will send you a reminder when it is time for us to come back and freshen your carpets and that’s one less thing to worry about.

              Business as usual

              While tile cleaning is less of an interruption and can be walked on immediately, carpet cleaning takes a little longer. We understand that work can’t come to a grinding halt just to let the carpet cleaning team do their job so, our commercial carpet cleaning service is flexible, we’ll come to your business premises and fit in with your hours of operation, or after trading hours if necessary. Our process leaves the carpets dry to the touch but it is always better to avoid walking on the carpets for 4-6 hours after the clean and depending on the temperature of the day. If that is too long, we can use our commercial air-movers which will generally have the carpets dry enough to walk on within 1-2 hours.  So it’s business as usual.

              We service your type of business

              Often there is a considerable amount of trust and discretion required in business premises and we can tell you that any South QLD Restoration team member that attends your premises are police checked and security cleared. We currently service these commercial premises;

              • Office buildings/blocks
              • Schools
              • Hotels
              • Restaurants
              • Bars and pubs
              • Banks
              • Retail shops/showrooms
              • and more!

              Amazing results start with South Qld Restoration

              Commercial tile cleaning or carpet cleaning differs from domestic floor covering cleaning mainly for carpets. The fibres in commercial carpets vary from those that you have in the home so they are more durable, plus the general foot traffic for a commercial carpet would far exceed that of the home. At South Qld Restoration our professional carpet cleaners can tackle all manner of dirty and damaged carpeting, including rug cleaning and stain removal. Your carpet is a large surface area, so keeping them looking good makes a big impact on the overall appearance of your business presentation. Our commercial carpet cleaning services can transform your Brisbane or Gold Coast office, retail environment, or hotel into a professional business suite.

              For carpet and tile cleaning we’re your clean team

              South Qld Restoration will clean up your dirty tiles and carpets with our commercial cleaning machines together with our many years of experience in all aspects of the cleaning business. We can also assist with carpet repairs, water damage, water extraction, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, mould removal, upholstery cleaning, pest control, tile repairs, pressure cleaning and other special services in the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions. For a full cleaning service, call South Qld Restoration, your go-to restoration experts since 1993. Call now 1300 762021

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              Special Services

              Commercial Cleaning

              Carpet Cleaning


              Pest Control Brisbane

              Pest Control Brisbane

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                Living in the Sunshine State, we enjoy warmer summers and mild winters. Unfortunately, this also means that our homes are vulnerable to pest invasions all year round. Even a few visible pests could be an indication of a larger problem and if left unattended will quickly become an infestation requiring a full investigation and extermination of the entire house. Avoid being overrun by calling our pest control Brisbane experts today!

                As Queensland residents, we are lucky to live in the Sunshine State. However, warmer weather means we have increased vulnerability to pest infestations. Our mild winters also mean we are prone to pest infestations all year round.

                If you spot even just a couple of pests in your home, don’t waste time trying to control the problem with store-bought DIY products. Pest invasions are a serious problem and if it’s not cared for quickly and correctly the infestation will grow, which requires a full investigation and extermination of the entire house.

                Why use South QLD Restoration for Your Pest Control Brisbane Needs?

                Our certified pest control specialists at South QLD Restoration have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry. Our team provide affordable pest control services to South East Queensland and take pride in providing quality, professional and effective results for our clients.

                Whether you’re looking for a pest control Brisbane treatment for your home, or need our services for your business, our expert technicians can help. By providing both residential and commercial pest control services we have been able to tailor the treatment to ensure every home and office is safe and pest free. We will work around your schedule and your business hours to ensure that you won’t experience any downtime. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you!

                Residential Pest Control

                Our team want your home to be completely pest-free, which is why our certified technicians use top-quality treatments to provide you with the results you and your home deserves.

                Commercial Pest Control Brisbane

                Our team are equipped for all sectors of commercial pest control: corporate buildings, cafes, office spaces and more! We also have annual pest control contracts available for the commercial sector.

                Our commercial pest control Brisbane services are conducted during a time that suits you and your business. After the treatment is completed you will be provided with a full-service documentation.

                We want your business to be a safe and comfortable place to go!

                Pest Control Brisbane Services Available

                Our expert technicians can exterminate the following pests:

                • Cockroaches
                • Termites
                • Bed bugs
                • Ants
                • Rats and mice
                • Dust mites
                • Fleas
                • Spiders
                • Flies (inside and outside)
                • And any others that may appear

                View our extensive list of pest control Brisbane services below.

                General Pest Control

                We provide general pest control Brisbane services for both residential and commercial needs. If you’re in South East Queensland and have a pest infestation, we can help.

                End of Lease Pest Control

                Depending on the special terms of your Tenancy Agreement, you may be required to have a pest control treatment if you’re at the end of your lease.

                Ant Control Treatment

                It’s important to know that ants live in colonies. This means that if you see one ant, there are definitely more! If you’re finding ants too often in your home or office, you should consider a professional treatment. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to control an ant problem yourself.

                Cockroach Control Treatment

                Did you know cockroach’s carry viruses and bacteria? So, if you have a cockroach problem this can cause serious health issues if left untreated. A professional cockroach control treatment will provide reliable and quality results.

                Flea Control Treatment

                Fleas love humid and warm climates, so it’s no surprise Queensland residents experience flea infestations. At South QLD Restoration, we understand how much fleas can be a problem, which is why we offer professional flea control treatment.

                Mice, Rat & Rodents Control Services

                If you have mice, rats or rodents in your home, you will want to deal with this problem as soon as possible. Our team remove the rodents and then give you expert advice on how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

                Spider Treatment

                Our team provide targeted and professional spider treatment. From web clearing treatments to heat treatments, we can do it all.

                Silverfish Control

                You’ll most likely find silverfish in untouched, humid and moist areas. Our team provide professional silverfish control services to South East Queensland.

                Bee Removal

                Our team can provide efficient bee removal services. Whether you have a bee colony inside your home or outside in your garden, we can help eradicate the problem fast.

                Bedbug Pest Control

                Bed bug infestations have been a growing problem for homeowners over the past few years. If you suspect you have bed bugs, it’s best to sort out the problem before it gets out of control. Our team conduct an extensive treatment to ensure all bed bugs are exterminated.

                Below We’ve Answered Common Asked Questions About Pest Control Brisbane:

                Are pest control products safe for pets & family?

                Our certified pest control specialists are committed to using environmentally friendly products to rid your house or office of pests. This means that our pest control products are also completely safe for your staff, pets and family. If there are family members that have allergies, we can discuss alternative products that will not affect your family, while still eradicating any pests in your home.

                Are pest and termite inspections necessary?

                Termites are costing Australian homeowners over $4 billion per year! This damage occurs when termites are undetected and are often only discovered during a building and pest report for the property sale.

                You should be having regular termite inspections and carry out any recommended treatments. On top of this, you should have a follow-up inspection 3 months later to ensure treatments have been effective.

                South QLD Restoration is certified termite control specialists and take the responsibility seriously to detect and eradicate termites within your home.

                Why use a pest controller?

                Store-bought products just won’t do the job when it comes to pest infestations. A qualified pest controller uses trusted and effective treatments that cannot be bought in-store.

                A pest controllers’ job is to stop pest activity and reduce the potential of future infestations. They achieve this through their wealth of knowledge and experience. They do a lot more than just apply chemicals.

                Competitively Priced Pest Control Brisbane Services

                Pest Control ServicesCost
                Pest Control Internal General (Basic Cockroaches, Spiders & Silverfish)$110
                Pest Control Internal Infestation Initial Treatment (Basic Cockroaches, Spiders & Silverfish)$220
                Pest Control Internal Infestation Follow Up Treatments (Basic Cockroaches, Spiders & Silverfish)$143
                Pest Control External General (Basic Cockroaches, Spiders & Silverfish)$75
                Pest Control External Infestation Initial Treatment (Basic Cockroaches, Spiders & Silverfish)$150
                Pest Control External Infestation Follow Up Treatments (Basic Cockroaches, Spiders & Silverfish)$97.50
                German Cockroaches Infestation Initial Treatment $265
                German Cockroaches Infestation with 1 follow up Treatment $460
                German Cockroaches Infestation further follow up retreatments after 2$165
                Mice or Rat Spray only$110
                Mice Trap Stations$9.90
                Rat Trap Stations$15.50
                Ants Treatment (No warranty offered)$110
                Dust mites$143

                Trusted Pest Control Brisbane Services in South East Queensland

                If you’re sick of having creepy crawlies in your home or office, call South QLD Restoration today to get a free quote. Our experienced team of pest control experts will get to your property within 48 hours. Do not delay your inspection. If you do, it could cost you thousands!

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                Special Services

                Special Services

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                Carpet Cleaning


                Carpet Cleaning

                Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

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                  Dirty Carpets?
                  YOU NEED US FAST! Carpet Cleaning Brisbane SPECIALISTS. PROLONG YOUR CARPET LIFE

                  Carpet cleaning Brisbane can single-handedly change the entire appearance of your home. Having a clean carpet gives your home that fresh, new feel. And let’s not forget about the comfort it provides.

                  Having a carpet in your home or workplace can be a significant investment, which is why you want to make sure you prolong your carpet’s life as much as you can.

                  Carpet gets dirty very quickly and requires more upkeep than most people think. Between, muddy footprints, odours, stains, and pet activity, your carpet can quickly fill up with dirt.

                  Taking special care of your carpet can go a long way in extending its lifespan.

                  Sometimes the best way to care for your carpet is using the carpet cleaning Brisbane experts at South QLD Restoration for a deep and high-quality clean.

                  See Our Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Process in Action

                  How Often Should You Get You Engage in Carpet Cleaning Brisbane?

                  Practising good home hygiene is vital for the health of your house. Your household carpet hides many unwanted surprises like pollutants, dirt and germs. So, how often should you be deep cleaning your carpet?

                  You will need to consider a carpet cleaning Brisbane professional every 6 to 12 months to freshen up your carpet and keep it looking and smelling clean. To get a better idea of your carpets required deep cleaning frequency, you should ask yourself the below questions:

                  • Do you have children in your house?
                  • Do you have a pet?
                  • Are there any family members in your household with allergies or respiratory issues?
                  • How much foot traffic does your carpet receive?
                  • Do you wear shoes inside the house?

                  Much like anything in your home, a deep clean is essential at least once or twice a year, and your carpet is no exception.

                  Why not book in for a regularly scheduled carpet cleaning service, and tick one more thing off your to-do list?

                  Our Unique Technology

                  Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Professional Service

                  Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Professional Service

                  Here at South QLD Restoration, we use high-end technology to ensure we are providing superior carpet cleaning Brisbane services to our customers.

                  This unique technology has been specifically designed as a dual-wand unit for residential and commercial applications. The system has everything that is needed to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs and has been designed for longevity and reliability in mind.

                  Advantageous Features

                  • Produces less vibration and ensures better drying times
                  • Significantly reduces downtime by extending belt life
                  • Incorporates tube-and-shell heat exchanger to maximize heat transfer from the engine to solution
                  • Easy-to-remove access panel and side hood allows for quick service
                  • Superior performance and cleaning results

                  The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Brisbane:

                  Professional carpet cleaning can be expensive, but if well-maintained it can be a great investment. This is why it’s important to choose a carpet cleaning company that you can trust. South QLD Restorations have been providing reliable and professional carpet cleaning services in Brisbane since 1993; we are fully trained, fully licensed and insured.

                  Keeping your carpet clean has a lot of benefits. And having your carpet cleaned by a professional has even more!

                  Creates a Healthier Home

                  One of the most important benefits of getting your carpet professionally cleaned is that it improves the air quality of your home. This in turn improves your homes’ overall health.

                  It’s important to know that even if you dust your home regularly, dust still manages to creep its way in. Most homeowners believe that vacuuming their carpet often is enough to remove the dust from the carpet. This is not the case!

                  Did you know that even the best vacuum cleaners only clean the top ¼ of the fibres of a carpet?

                  Harmful Particles are Destroyed

                  As mentioned above, vacuuming may give your carpet a clean look, but deep, in between its fibres lay dangerous particles. These particles can come from food crumbs, dust and dirt.

                  All of these dirty particles can cause your carpet to smell bad and will also cause your carpet to look bad over time. These same particles can also spread germs and bacteria throughout your house, which can lead to health issues.

                  Make Your Carpet Look and Smell Good

                  Who doesn’t like a fresh-smelling, bright and comfy carpet? Getting a professional in to clean your carpet will give it that brand new feel for a longer period of time.

                  If you’ve ever wondered why your carpet still smells even after you’ve vacuumed it way too many times, it’s important to know that the smell usually comes from the bottom half of the carpet fibres.

                  A deep cleaning service can remove those unseen odours that you just can’t seem to get rid of!

                  Removes Tough Carpet Stains

                  One of the biggest advantages of professional carpet cleaning is that they are capable of cleaning out the toughest stains while also ensuring no damage is done to the surface.

                  We all know it’s not easy to clean coffee spills, red wine stains or muddy paw prints from your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning uses effective solutions, the latest techniques and advanced tools to make sure your carpet gets properly cleaned.

                  Dry and Wet Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Methods

                  When hiring a carpet cleaning Brisbane service, it’s important to make sure they can provide you with the option of wet or dry carpet cleaning. Both dry and wet cleaning methods have their own advantages and disadvantages and you should choose a service that suits your desired requirements.

                  The dry carpet cleaning Brisbane method uses dry chemicals with minimal use of moisture to scrub off stains. After the chemical mixtures are applied, they are then vacuumed up and pile lifted.

                  Hot water extraction and steam cleaning are two common wet carpet cleaning methods. The necessary equipment is used to spray hot water or steam with cleaning chemicals onto the carpet. This forces the water and cleaning agents down into the carpet fibres. The cleaning agents are then able to break up the stains, making them easy to remove. After the carpet has been completely hosed down, the water is then extracted the same way it came out.

                  At South QLD Restoration, we don’t have a one service fits all approach. We’ll assess your carpet before you begin to ensure we use the right method for the type of carpet you have.

                  Our High-Quality Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Services

                  Residential Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Services

                  • Apartments
                  • Units
                  • Townhouse
                  • Standalone homes
                  • Motorhomes/caravans
                  • Boats (on Marina or trailer)

                  Rug Cleaning Services

                  At South QLD Restoration, we also specialise in Oriental and Persian rug cleaning. We appreciate that your Oriental and Persian rugs can be extremely valuable, and with our training and expertise, we’ll ensure your rug is cleaned with the utmost care.

                  Professionally Carpet Clean Your Home and Office

                  Keep your home looking and smelling clean with regular carpet cleaning Brisbane from South Qld Restoration. We have a range of carpet cleaning brisbane services available including carpet repairs, water damage, tile cleaning, mould removal, upholstery cleaning, pest control, tile repairs, pressure cleaning and other special services in the Brisbane area.


                  If you would like our qualified technicians to clean your carpets, please call (07) 3184 8116. You can also request a free quote through our website.

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                  Special Services

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                  Carpet Cleaning


                  Upholstery Cleaning

                  Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane

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                    Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane.

                    Have you ever thought about hiring upholstery cleaning Brisbane professionals? If you think about, your upholstery gets a hammering every day. Because of this, upholstery fabrics have always been a heavy wear fabric. But, in todays low cost buy environment something has to suffer to enable a low price for your upholstery items. And that is, the fabric quality! But with the correct knowledge and care, your upholstery can last for many years while maintaining the ‘just bought’ appearance and appeal.

                    Your lounge is only 2 years old and looks 10 years old

                    It only seems like yesterday that you bought that great looking lounge suite and couldn’t wait to see how it looked in your home. Looked great, yes? But you look at it now and you know it’s clean but you think to yourself ‘why is it looking so old and tired’. I can tell you why. The fabric gets a high amount of use and abuse. Everybody takes care but spills happen, pile scratch occurs, maybe shoes end up resting for a short while’ and of course, dirty trousers straight from work are often sat there for a while.

                    Too much home cleaning can make upholstery worse

                    We know that you keep all your upholstery throughout the home as clean as you can with regular brush vacuuming and spot cleaning with store bought products and the once in a while full aerosol foam can spray over the lot. Too much of this can cause fabric damage, especially if the product is not suitable for your particular fabric. Upholstery fabrics, regardless of quality level, need to be cared for with special attention to the fabric weave. Wiping, brushing, scrubbing across the weave is not recommended apart from stubborn stains that may need a circular rubbing with the correct compound solution. Often is the case that upholstery is cleaned too vigorously with the wrong compound solution.

                    Nothing is lost. We can restore your upholstery

                    We have a team that specialises in upholstery cleaning and upholstery care. We have the expertise and the ‘hands on’ experience to recognise the problems, the causes and identify solutions to repair your upholstery and carry out a complete restoration which will leave your lounge, easy chairs, dining chairs or mattresses right back to a refreshed look and bug free. We know we can revive your upholstery and we also know you will be satisfied with our results.

                    You’ll love the result of our professional upholstery cleaning!

                    Upholstery is a material which includes the fabric, padding, webbing, and springs. Upholstery makes up the soft coverings of all kind of chairs, sofas, and furniture. There are many varities and options to choose from and it is important to know how to clean all upholstery fabrics and coverings.

                    We offer upholstery cleaning for the following materials:

                    • Leather
                    • Vinyl
                    • Microfibre
                    • Cotton
                    • Olefin
                    • Synthetic blends
                    • Faux Leather
                    • Linen
                    • Wool
                    • and more!

                    We have extensive knowledge on all upholstery

                    With our attention to detail and extensive fabric knowledge we can work with any form of upholstery including antique and extra delicate furnishings. They are all safe in our hands. Not only do we know upholstery fabrics, we also know how the furniture is built and the framework design. So whether it’s a family heirloom that needs restoring, pet hair removal or stains, we can gently clean your upholstery and bring it back to full life. We consult with you throughout the whole process, so if your fabric requires any alternative product we’ll walk you through your options and explain the likely outcome.

                    Upholstery cleaning in

                    Our experienced team are available to take your call and offer any advice. We service both the domestic and commercial sectors with annual contracts available if required for our upholstery cleaning services. If your upholstery needs cleaning, leave it to the experts. Contact South QLD Restorations on 1300 762 021 for a free quote

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                    Special Services

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                    Carpet Cleaning


                    Water Damage Restoration

                    Water Damage Restoration Brisbane

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                      Do not be complacent about water damage! Water damage of any description is a serious problem for homes and buildings. We have many years of experience in water damage restoration Brisbane and the surrounding areas and understand the importance of having this rectified as soon as possible.

                      Internal water damage requires urgent action from the moment your floors, walls, or ceiling becomes wet. The damage starts immediately and will continue to escalate the longer it is left. For most external water damage situations, although still a serious issue, you have a little more time to act before any extensive deterioration occurs.

                      See Our Water Damage Restoration Brisbane Process in Action

                      What is water damage?

                      Water damage can be caused by three different types of water. Understanding this will ensure that you and the technicians are protected whilst the damage is being assessed and repaired. It will also help you to identify the root cause of this damage and ensure it is addressed as soon as possible to avoid future issues.

                      1. Clean Water:

                      This is where regular potable tap water causes damage to your property through leaky taps and overflowing baths or sinks. Often water damage of this nature can bring contaminants it picks up from your floors along with it. If left to sit like this, the water will become more contaminated over time… the perfect environment for mould and bacteria to reproduce.

                      2. Grey Water:

                      This type of water is non-potable, or unsafe for consumption. This is because it contains micro-organisms and bacteria, and it can quickly turn to black water (the third water type) if it is not cleaned correctly. Grey water damage can occur if your toilet overflows, your dishwasher leaks during its cycle, or chemically treated water from an aquarium or similar leeches out. Most often, grey water is created when rainwater drips through your roof and ceiling insulation onto your walls, floors, and belongings. This water is not safe to handle without proper protection, so it is definitely best to leave it up to the experts to rectify.

                      3. Black Water:

                      Despite its name, black water does not always have to appear black or have a bad odour, but it is very harmful to living beings. Accidental consumption of black water can cause serious illness or even death in some cases. Blackwater can come from a sewer backup, rising river water, toilet trap backflow, or surface water on the ground. Most often, black water contains soil and silt, and it can accumulate around foundations, particularly in cases of flood damage.

                      Water damage not only causes significant aesthetic problems in your home, but it can also pose a health risk to you and your family and contribute to ongoing structural issues within your building. If you know anything about mould, you will know that it thrives in damp environments. If water damage is left untreated, there is a definite chance that mould spores will begin to grow and multiply.

                      Why is it important to act quickly with water damage?

                      If wet floors are left to dry without the aid of professional services, there will be problems. Mopping up with towels and leaving fans on certainly helps a little bit but that will not solve the problem. Wall skirtings and timber joints will remain damp which will quickly become the perfect conditions for the rapid growth of mould spores.

                      A common problem created by this kind of damage is the seeping of water into your internal wall cavities. If left to sit unattended, this water will rot your property from the inside out with the end result being hidden mould and an ever-increasing damp odour throughout your home.

                      What Brisbane water damage restoration services do we offer?

                      South QLD Restoration is your one-stop restoration shop. Our range of restoration services is virtually unlimited and our experience, together with our industry expertise, will ensure your water damage is completely rectified within a short timeframe. The main associated services we offer for water damage restoration Brisbane include:

                      • Carpet cleaning
                      • Carpet repair
                      • Mould retention
                      • Grout cleaning and repair
                      • Tile cleaning and repair
                      • Tile and floor sealing

                      When administering all of our services, we only use commercial grade equipment.

                      Dealing with water damage or flooded floors under any circumstances requires the right equipment to be used. Yes, you can hire equipment, but the general carpet cleaning and drying products available on the consumer market are only able to handle small jobs. They also take longer to achieve any kind of outcome and will end up costing you more money in the long run.

                      Many years ago, we were among the first group of professionals to realise the need for commercial-grade equipment specifically designed for water damage restoration. We carried out research and testing, finding what we believe to be the best technology available. We incorporate this into our primary equipment and are able to offer our customers water extraction units, air mover fans, floor drying pads, and high capacity humidifiers.

                      All this equipment allows for a quick-drying process which means we are in and out faster than other teams and you’re less likely to see any permanent damage.

                      How does our overall water damage restoration service work?

                      Water Damage Restoration Brisbane

                      Our team is available 24/7 and are able to provide initial advice on how to manage a water damage event at your home.

                      Our emergency response team is able to attend site within 1 to 4 hours.

                      When we first arrive, we will conduct a walk-through inspection to identify affected areas and provide an educated judgment on the root cause of the damage.

                      Then, using our specialist thermal camera and moisture metres, we will conduct moisture mapping of the area to determine the extent of the water damage.

                      We can then develop and discuss with you a drying plan which adheres to the IICRC S500 International Standard. We are committed to ensuring your home is restored to the pre-damage condition and that the ongoing health and wellbeing of your family, home, and belongings are maintained.

                      Our drying equipment will be installed to reduce further secondary damage and to thoroughly dry the affected areas. We monitor this entire drying process and will report on the outcomes. We continually adjust the equipment throughout this process until your home is completely dried out.

                      The final steps include a thorough clean of the area, removal of drying equipment, and the compilation of a written report for your insurance company. This step is vital as letting water sit dormant for too long can lead to black mould growth.

                      We guarantee a prompt response time

                      Water Damage Services

                      It is imperative that you make contact with professional water damage restoration experts as soon as possible. We guarantee an urgent response every time, because we know too well that if left for too long, water can cause serious damage. You may have to replace floor coverings and even some flooring. You could even experience serious structural and internal wall damage. In the longer term, your furniture, flooring, walls, cupboards and hidden corners of your home are likely to become contaminated with mould. Not only is this unsightly, but as we know it is also very unhealthy.

                      In this industry, most water damage professionals are unable to truly respond to all emergencies, especially if they are already responding to previous callouts. At South QLD Restorations, 24/7 means 24/7. We have the manpower on hand to respond to all calls for help and rectify your emergency water damage situation quickly.

                      All of our vans are equipped with everything we need to commence the process of getting your home or office back in order fast. All you need to do is call us, and we’re on our way.

                      Why trust South Qld Restorations with your water damage restoration Brisbane needs and surrounds?

                      At South QLD Restoration, we understand how frustrating and overwhelming the experience of water damage can be. This is why we offer our priority 24/7 emergency water damage restoration Brisbane service. The sole purpose of our water damage restoration Brisbane service is to extract the water from your home, facilitate the clean-up, restore all affected areas, and follow up with floor or surface cleaning and sanitising. This will ensure any bacteria or mould growth is prevented.

                      As a member of the Water Damage Network, we take water damage restoration seriously. Especially when working with families, businesses, and insurance companies. We ensure that your home or office is restored to its original condition for the least amount of fuss, time, and money.

                      We also understand the associated damage that can occur following water damage, including walls, floors, tiles, carpets, and grout. Our wide range of services means that we are able to rectify an endless list of damages and ensure that your needs are met with professionalism.

                      Call us for ultimate peace of mind

                      If you are seeking water damage restoration services in Brisbane, South Qld Restorations will be there for you day or night, rain or shine. On-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our technicians can assist with any water damage clean up emergency. We specialise in water damage carpet cleaning and sanitising, and are committed to providing you and your family with a clean and safe environment.

                      We take pride in working with families, businesses and insurance companies to act quickly against wall, floor, and carpet water damage. We work hard to repair and restore premises back to their original functionality pre-disaster.

                      Water Damage Restoration Brisbane Rates

                      Call Out: $195.00 (includes first hour labour)

                      Technicians: $85.00 per hour

                      Air Movers: $33.00 per day per mover

                      Dehumidifiers: $88.00 per day per unit

                      Air Scrubbers: $77.00 per day per unit

                      Chemicals: Quoted on site

                      Water Damage Restoration SERVICES

                      No matter where you are between the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and down to the Gold Coast, if you need any sort of water damage restoration service, contact South QLD Restoration now. Remember, no job is too big or too small. Our professional and reliable team are ready to respond and are dedicated to resolving any water or flood damage issues whilst ensuring the safety and integrity of their clients’ properties. Call 1300762021 today.

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                      Special Services

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                      Carpet Cleaning


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