Make Safe Springfield Lakes

Make Safe Springfield Lakes .

Brisbane, Springfield Lakes


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What we did in this location:

During heavy storms in October 2020, insured reported damaged and/ or broken roof tiles to the property causing sufficient water damage affecting 13 rooms. Before commencing a make safe at the property, a builder was first required to attend to any damaged and broken tiles. Mould was suspected and found throughout the house and on the timber rafters. Water damaged/ sodden carpets plus floor tiling were required to also be removed from the property as well as completing a full Non Restorable contents listing of the tenants contents including photo documentation and disposal of NR items. During South QLD Restorations technicians were also instructed to pack/ remove undamaged items for storage. Ongoing monitoring of moisture content was carried out during the restoration/ make safe process. Following a recommendation by South QLD Restoration’s technician, a strip out of affected plasterboard walls/ ceiling and skirting boards were cut out and removed from various rooms and locations of the property so that a mould make safe was able to be complete. Following further investigation at the property, mould growth was also found on the timber framing beneath the bath tub. In order for treatment to be undertaken the bath was also later removed. Temporary make safe of the roof utilising a roof tarp was also undertaken so that the property could remain dry. Appropriate air filtration devices were also in use during work as well as adequarte PPE worn to keep workers protected from any harmful spores.


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