Use Our Termite & Pest Control Services

We cover a comprehensive range of pest control services including termite inspections, termite barriers, rodent baiting, spider and cockroach eradication, flea treatments and more.  Our trusted pest control team understand the importance of ensuring your home is free from pests and healthy for you and your visitors alike.

We have a personalised approach which includes taking into account the specific requirements of your home including pets, room layout, carpet age and even what insecticides (fly sprays etc.) you use around your home.  We understand that pesticides are toxic, so all our pest control operators are trained to correctly handle, store and adequately apply these substances.  Once the necessary precautions are used to minimise the exposure to pesticides, the risk to our health is greatly minimised.

Feel free to ask any of our pest control team members for advice on controlling pests in between treatments – we are more than happy to recommend methods for deterring those pesky flies and ants. A pest free home is healthier for you and your family – you can trust us to safely keep you free of pests.