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What Water Damage Will Do To Your Home

This is an image of what the inside of a wall looks like if not dried after a flooding


Water damage is a common issue for many. About 40% of homeowners have experienced some level of loss as a result of water damage. It can quickly spread contamination, cause serious damage to carpets and walls, ruin your sub-floors and in a 2 level property, cause extensive damage to ceilings. No matter how the water got into your home the damaged is almost always the same. It only differs depending on the extent of the flooding.

Once water is on your floors your carpets and rugs will soak it up first. Then the water will seep under the carpet to your underfelt and then the sub-floors. Once at that stage, it will seep under your wall skirtings and collect inside your walls. This fact is often overlooked which results in damaged timber framing and your drywall will also suck the water up the boards and weaken them.

In addition to the obvious, water has no barriers and it will keep moving into nooks and crannies that you didn’t even know you had. Once water sits for a while the timber will soak it up and if not found and dried, mould spores will appear and grow rapidly. Mould likes dark, warm, moist areas and there will be many of them after you have suffered water damage in your home.

It is nothing but a myth that mopping up with towels and leaving your ceiling fans on will remove the results of a flooding, even a small one. If only for a professional opinion, you really need to get a water damage services company in like South QLD Restoration to assess the damage and give you a report. We have all sorts of electronic and digital testers that will show us mould and/or moisture inside walls together with air quality.