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Fire Damage Cleaning Woolgoolga

Following a fire damage that left the iconic Box Factory Burgers in Woolgoolga temporarily out of business, South Queensland Restorations were hired to clean the soot from the fire-damaged venue to help the business get back on their feet.

When we got to Box Factory Burgers in Woolgoolga, the fire damage had left the interior of the building with soot and smoke damage from the ground-up. The fire was ignited by a malfunctioning dishwasher which caused soot and smoke damage to the floor, walls, windows, ceiling and kitchen hood. Soot from fire damage is made up of tiny particles that represent the substances of what was burnt in the fire, which can consist of plastics, textiles, wood, chemicals, paint and more. As a result, soot is not as easy as it seems to clean up as you are dealing with a range of different compounds. We used a number of different cleaning techniques, tools, equipment and special chemicals to remove the soot and smoke damage from the venue. Some of our specialist equipment we used was a truck mount and concrete cleaner. Our efforts got the venue of Box Factory Burgers back to a presentable state and ready to commence the necessary renovations and get back to business. The pictures and videos below show how we cleaned the soot and the before and after results of our job.

Before & After Fire Damage – Wall Mural

Before: Fire Damage Restoration Woolgoolga

After: Fire Damage Restoration Woolgoolga

Before & After Fire Damage – Concrete Floor

Before: Fire Damage Restoration Woolgoolga

After: Fire Damage Restoration Woolgoolga

Before & After Fire Damage – Kitchen Hood Vents

Fire Damage Restoration Woolgoolga

Cleaning Soot From Ceiling

Cleaning Soot From Window

If your home or business has suffered fire damage, South Queensland Restorations has the cleaning expertise to help you get your premises back to a presentable state. Read about a home we successfully cleaned up from fire damage in Evans Head, NSW.

South Queensland Restorations also offers a wide range of other services such as mould removal, carpet cleaning, water damage restoration and upholstery cleaning.

Our team services Brisbane and Gold Coast cities, and their surrounding suburbs from the Sunshine Coast to Tweed heads. Enquire online or call 1300 762 021 to find out more about our fire damage cleaning services.

Fire Damage Restoration Evans Head | South Queensland Restorations

Fire Damage Restoration Evans Head

The aftermath that follows for fire damage cleaning in your home isn’t pleasant or timely. If you are lucky enough to escape structural damage, you’ll still be left needing to address all smoke and soot damage to your home. All smoke and soot residue needs to be removed from both interior and exterior walls and ceilings, throughout affected areas and additionally all odours lingering throughout the property.

In a recent job for fire damage cleaning in Evans Head’s, a fire ignited by a front load washing machine burnt a downstairs area of client’s laundry and bathroom. Throughout the entirety of the house, including upstairs bedroom floors were remnants of soot and smoke odor. Leaving a trail of fire damage throughout the rooms, the result requiring a full fire damage cleaning service. Using a number of different approaches and techniques, fire sponges and ‘fire restore chemicals’ were used to scrub walls and ceilings. Tiles, wooden floors, and carpets were cleaned with specialist floor wands and to combat smoke odors, a series of filtration systems were placed in affected areas throughout the whole house. The equipment for the filtration systems included air scrubbers, ozone machines, and hydroxyl generators.

The before and after shots highlight the large-scale fire damage cleaning carried by South QLD cleaning services which then allowed for later restoration of carpet, tiles, and painting necessary in affected areas.

Before & After- Fire Damage Cleaning

Fire Damage Restoration Evans Head

Scrubbed walls from fire and smoke damage.

Fire Damage Restoration Evans Head

Carpet cleaning, from soot and dirt remnants.

Fire Damage Restoration Evans HeadScrubbed walls from fire and smoke damage.

Fire Damage Restoration Evans HeadTile Cleaning from soot and dirt remnants.

If you have suffered from a fire in your home and require specialist cleaning services for your floors, walls, and ceilings then South Queensland Restorations can help. Our team services Brisbane and Gold Coast cities, and their surrounding suburbs from the Sunshine Coast to Tweed heads.

South Queensland Restorations also offers a wide range of other services such as mould removal, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Enquire online or call 1300 762 021 to find out more about our fire damage cleaning services.

Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

If you want to make your floor and a cover over it to look elegant and lovely like never before and want to keep it hygienic in the right way, you will have some better options for getting benefits from carpet steam cleaning. There are numerous added benefits of opting for steam cleaning because it will remove not only dirt but also fungus, dust mites and dust bacteria. Grease and Stains that are deeply inserted in the cover is wiped away; while before experts start the steam cleaning process, they dry vacuum the space.

Between daily foot traffic, accidental spills, and children or pet activity, carpets can take on much filth even with regular vacuuming and the occasional shampooing. However, cleaning dirty carpets on your own takes lots of work and time, the result is often not as clean as you would want them to be. Here is where professional carpet steam cleaning services come in handy. With a carpet cleaning professional, your carpets will end up looking and smelling clean after through & deep cleaning session.

Professional steam carpet cleaners are knowledgeable about all kinds of carpets and the different ways to remove most of the stains that may appear on them. They have all the proper equipment needed to get the job done efficiently and in the quickest time possible. You can get the most out of your carpet’s life if you know how to maintain it properly, regular carpet steam cleaning done by a professional, reputable company will prolong the life of your carpets.

Carpet steam cleaning benefits

Besides proper assessment of your carpets and bringing the right equipment for the job, here are other benefits of hiring a carpet steam cleaning service:

Safe cleaning solutions – Professional cleaning services only use cleaning solutions that have been certified safe not only for your carpets but all inhabitants of the home. The best carpet cleaners don’t use harsh cleaning chemicals and uphold eco-friendly solutions to prevent allergen sensitivities and other potential health issues when inhaling or coming to contact with cleaning chemicals.

Industrial strength cleaning equipment – Professional cleaners use powerful vacuums and steam cleaners to pick up dirt and dry contaminants, disinfect the carpet and facilitate deep cleaning, crucial to ensuring the best results.

Ease and convenience – With the help of professional cleaners, you never have to break your back by hiring cheap gutless steam cleaning machines from supermarkets and spending hours doing it without achieving good results.

Better air quality – Regular vacuuming only removes surface dust and dirt and leaves lots of grime that has built up and become embedded in the fibers of your carpet. These unseen dry contaminants impact the quality of the air inside your home and maybe the unexplained cause of allergies. Hiring the professional carpet steam cleaners will help you get rid of these hidden contaminants and improve the air quality inside the home.

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, you will have some better options of fulfilling your requirement. You have to pick the right one that is convenient for you and working as per the quality and safety standards of local authorities. Going online is one of the convenient ways to find professional cleaners for carpet steam cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning and office cleaning. They are licensed and reliable cleaners who have proven track record. They use advanced and innovative devices and tools along with latest technologies that will surely help you in the right way to fulfil your requirement. You have to choose the right one that is convenient for you and bringing you a gamut of solutions.

Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast Services

If you are living in Gold Coast, Brisbane – you don’t need to worry anymore about having your carpet cleaned at your home. Professional carpet cleaning gold coast is necessary to keep your carpets looking fresh and clean. The first step in professional cleaning is to examine the carpet. This is done by professionals to ensure that they know the type of fabric used to make the carpet. This ensures that they use the right cleaning methods to avoid damaging the carpet. After the evaluation, the carpet cleaning experts can start in earnest.

We offer carpet cleaning Gold Coast to all beach side properties.

Process of Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

The next step in the carpet cleaning is vacuuming. This is done to remove all the lose dirt on the carpet. This helps prevent stains from forming when the washing starts. It also makes it easier to clean the carpet when there is no lose dirt and particles getting in the way. It is advisable that you also vacuum your carpet regularly. This helps prevent the formation of tracks on your carpet where there is heavy traffic. It also means the air quality in your house will be better.

After vacuuming, there is a pre-treatment process. This is done using a safe chemical process during carpet cleaning. The chemical free cleaning ensures that no harmful residues are left on your carpet after cleaning has been done. Hence, you don’t have to worry about contracting diseases after your carpet has been cleaned. The pre-treatment is done during carpet cleaning in gold coast to lighten stains, spots, and areas with lanes formed due to high traffic.

Carpet cleaning in Gold Coast also involves carpet agitation. This is done in the areas that are very dirty on the carpet. The process helps improve the appearance of the carpet and ensures that the cleaning is even better. The agitation offers great results in areas where there are stains from pet urine, wine or food spills. This helps loosen the stains and ensures that they are easy to clean. This also prepares the carpet for the next step which is steam cleaning.

Steam carpet cleaning is used to clean and disinfect the carpet thoroughly. This leaves the carpet smelling fresh and feeling snuggly on your toes. Steam carpet cleaning is the best for shaggy carpets since it ensures that they remain soft and fluffy afterward. The carpet is renovated to its original condition and does not suffer from the washing process. It is advisable that you get your carpet cleaned professionally as often as necessary depending on the amount of traffic on it.

To keep the carpet seeming fresh and also lovely after Carpet cleaning, there are a few things you need to do. You shouldn’t just be walking on your carpet with shoes. This carries dirt from outside that makes the carpet dirty quicker and also ruins the fibre on the carpet. If there is any stain formed on the carpet, you should remove it as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming permanent. Follow these few steps, and you are sure to have a carpet that will serve you for long and look clean always.

Get in touch with our carpet cleaning Gold Coast department by calling 1300 762 021 today!

Carpet Cleaning Ipswich Services

Carpet cleaning is a very important exercise that needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure a healthy and clean household. However, most people usually overlook the importance of having their carpets cleaned by a professional thinking that it is waste of time and money. Although vacuuming your carpet with high suction vacuum will remove dirt, the fact still remains that it will leave a lot of unseen dust and bacteria. When you hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner, your carpet will not only be stain free, but it will look and smell better because of thorough cleaning. If you have been having doubts as to whether you should hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning Ipswich, then below are reasons why you need to use their services.

Carpet cleaning Ipswich services for the beautiful mountain ranges.

1. Thorough carpet cleaning Ipswich

Regular vacuuming is important to keep carpet clean. However, domestic vacuum cleaners, steamers and shampooers don’t have what it takes to get rid of stubborn dirt and nasty bacteria hidden beneath the carpet. In order to get rid of deadly bacteria and dirty, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Professional carpet cleaning Ipswich use highly sophisticated carpet cleaning techniques and detergents to eliminate even the most stubborn dirt and bacteria. This will ensure that your carpet is well cleaned, a factor that will lower the chances of family members suffering from health complications as a result dirt and bacteria that have hidden on the carpet.

2. Improved appearance

Cleaning your carpet using home methods will make it fade with time. This will not only affect the overall appearance of the carpet but will affect the entire ambience and overall look of your house. Professional carpet cleaners are well trained and will use sophisticated carpet cleaning technology to improve your carpet’s appearance. They will also use the right cleaning detergents to give your carpet a sparking shiny look.

3. Extended carpet life

Many people don’t understand how dirt and bacteria affects the carpet. The longer they stay, the faster the carpet will wear out. Although regular home vacuuming will help remove dirt, it will not be able to remove those that have deeply ingrained on the carpet’s fibres. In order to get rid of unseen dirt that may reduce your carpets lifespan, it is crucial that you hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner in Ipswich. Depending on the material that your carpet is made of, they will use appropriate cleaning technique that will not only not only leave your carpet dirt free but will also extend its lifespan.

Carpet Cleaning Tweed Heads Services

Keeping carpets, upholstery and floors clean can be quite a taxing job, especially if pets and kids are part of the equation. Worse still, you may not have the expertise to handle some types of fabric, and that would automatically reduce your willingness and effort, if any. With that being said, it is important to have a carpet cleaning Tweed Heads professional whom you can always call on to turn things around whenever your home starts to feel and look dirty.

Lucky are you if you are a resident of Tweed Heads because in your neighbourhood is one of the most reputable carpet cleaning companies in the country.

We offer carpet cleaning Tweed Heads services for residents near the beach.

We’ve been in the city for more than a decade now and are proud to be affiliated to thousands of satisfied customers. Our job is to ensure all those beautiful rugs, upholstery and wall-to-wall carpeting in your home, car and office retain their glamor throughout the year.

We boast a very experienced team of experts – most of whom have been with us since we started and would – familiar with various types of carpets and up to date with contemporary cleaning techniques. Our arsenal of equipment is jam-packed with all types of cleaning appliances for both large and small scale assignments and special types of fabrics.

Perhaps what makes us stand head and shoulders above our closest rivals is our inclination for eco-friendly cleaning methods and willingness to let our customers scrutinise our equipment and modus operandi before giving us the go-ahead. This simply means that you can view the machinery and detergents we use beforehand and decide whether you would like them used on your carpet or not. Our experts will listen to you – in case you have any preferences – and will work strictly in harmony with your specifications.

We offer quality services at a bargain and pledge ourselves to refund our customers fully if they are not satisfied. And just in case you’re worried about the legitimacy of our business, we are certified by relevant local and national authorities, and our operations are fully in compliance with the set laws. Also, we are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, which will ensure you are fully compensated in case of a linked accident while our experts are working on your carpet. Seek our carpet cleaning Tweed Heads service today and let us do what we do best – outdo your expectations.

Feel free to visit our offices or contact us through telephone 1300 762 021 or email for a free quotation.