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Tile  & Grout Cleaning Services

No More Dirty and Dull Tiles and Grout at Brown Plains

Are you frustrated with how dull your floor tiles look? Worried about bathroom and kitchen stains? South Queensland Restorations has got the solution for those problems. We can make every tile and grout squeaky clean and brand-new looking. We have the best methods, certified technicians, and appropriate cleaning products, tools, and equipment to accomplish nothing but the best results. We have been in the cleaning industry for almost two decades and we have mastered every cleaning, maintenance, and restoration requirements.

We thoroughly clean tiles without damaging them. To achieve the brand-new look on dull and deeply-stained tiles, we do tile strip and seal. We thoroughly strip off old sealants and replace them with new and appropriate sealant. This brings back the luster and provides a layer of protection from potential stains, water marks, and accumulation of dirt.

Effective High-Pressure Cleaning

We also make the outdoors look great by effectively cleaning outdoor floors. We do high-pressure cleaning on bricks, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and any walkthrough. We highly recommend the usage of high-pressure cleaning system because it is effective in getting rid of stubborn dirt and deep-seated dust on the in-betweens. It also brightens up the surface; thus, making it look brand-new again.

Specialized Cleaning Services

We are not just cleaning tiles and grouts. South Queensland Restorations started out as a carpet cleaning and carpet repair company. That is why through the years, we have mastered carpet cleaning. The company greatly evolved to offering various specialized services. It now offers cleaning of rugs, air conditioners, and upholstered furniture to homes, companies, restaurants, hotels, malls, etc. We also help pet owners deal with stingy urines; we treat pet urine stains on carpets. We also remove pet hair. We want to make sure that homeowners and building dwellers are comfortable and safe. Thus, we offer pest control.

Water Damage Restoration Service

In events of floods, we also offer immediate solutions. We urgently extract water from the affected area, we thoroughly dry the area, and we treat any water damage stain and moulds.

Call us now for a quotation, booking, or emergency water damage restoration. Call us at 1300 762 021 or 0400 716 182. We are looking forward to serving you at Browns Plains.

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