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Water Damage / Flood Restoration


Excellent Water Damage Restoration at Bethania

Water damage may occur at any given time. Natural disasters such as a hurricane, flash flood, river or stream overflow, etc. can instantly bring about water damage in the house or any building within 24 hours. When water is present, timing is critical and action is urgently needed. That is why we need the expert water damage restoration prowess of a reliable company. The great news is, South Queensland Restorations is offering the services to residents as well as business and home owners at Bethania. If you require water damage restoration Bethania residents, contact us now.

What We Offer

We first assess the area to identify the water category and water damage classification in the affected area. Our highly-trained water damage restoration professionals can clearly determine such information so they can appropriately implement methods respective to the water type and water damage. They have been trained by trusted Australian training institutions; thus, ascertaining proper handling of the flood water or water damaged structure. We use only the best water damage Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV). It is mounted with machines and portable steam cleaners. It effectively extracts water from the area. It also has dehumidifiers and dryers that efficiently dry out the floors, walls, carpets, doors, curtains, bed sheets, rugs, and everything that got soaked. We also use the steam cleaners to clean and treat water damage stains, should there already be.

Why Rely on Us

You can rely on us in such unfortunate situations. We are always on standby and ready to respond to emergency calls. We waste no time because we know that time is of the essence when it comes to the presence of water no matter how little or great. We understand the urgency and we are capable of taking the necessary rescuing so we can immediately bring the place back to safety.

Emergency Contact Numbers

We are just a call away. We are open daily from 7 am to 7 pm. You may contact us at our business phone at 1300 762 021. You can also contact us even after office hours at our emergency mobile number 0400 716 182. We are your trusted safety partner at Bethania. We assure you that you will be more than satisfied with the results of our service.