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Water Damage / Flood Restoration


Expert Water Damage Restoration at Berrinba

Worried about water gushing out of a burst pipe? Or are you frustrated in dealing with sink overflow or dishwasher leakage? In any case of gushing water or stagnant water from an overflow, we can help. South Queensland Restorations is an expert in doing water extraction and dealing with water damage restoration. We have been in the industry since 2000. We have gained a good reputation that we have gained a long list of loyal customers.

What We Restore

Water damage may occur in plaster or wood of partition walls, on the concrete or parquet on floors, on bricks or plaster boards on internal walls, or on the concrete of ground slabs. Wherever and whatever the water damage may be, we can swiftly treat and restore the area back to safety. We deploy duly certified water damage restoration professionals who can appropriately identify water damage classification and implement proper treatment. We determine the degree of contamination and manage it accordingly. We first completely eradicate any traces of water using our water extraction equipment. We also have truck-mounted dryers and humidifiers to swiftly dry out the structure and the contents especially carpets. We have been dealing with carpets for almost two decades so we are highly-experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with them. We treat any form of stain on carpets. If there are already traces of moulds or water damage in the area such as walls, floors, or in crawl spaces, we appropriately treat them. Since moulds have the ability to multiply fast as well as travel with the wind, it is imperative that they be immediately treated and thoroughly removed.

Call Us Anytime!

We are always ready to respond to urgent flood water extraction and water damage restoration needs. We are open every day from 7 am to 7 pm. Call us at 1300 762 021 during business hours. We can also respond to emergency calls even after office hours using our 24-hour emergency mobile number 0400 716 182. We are looking forward to being of great service to you at Berrinba. We are sure that you will be more than satisfied with the results of our services.