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Tile  & Grout Cleaning Services

How to Have Squeaky Clean Tiles and Grout at Berrinba

There’s no better feeling than going home in a clean abode. There’s more productivity working in a clean office. Cleanliness is an important factor to feel a sense of comfort and productivity. And undoubtedly, tiles are an essential part of every home or office. Having dirty tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, or patio robs us of the coziness and sanitation we desire. The good news is, South Queensland Restorations offers expert tire and grout cleaning at Berrinba. We can deal with any type of tile, any level of dirt and grime, and any form of dullness. We can clean and restore them to their best state. We use only the best cleaning products, equipment, and method. Our technicians were highly-trained and certified to handle the job.

Instant Water Damage Restoration at Berrinba

Should there be any flood or water overflow, we can also urgently deal with it. Flood water from a leaking roof, damaged water system, or burst pipes, though uncontaminated, may pose health concerns. This is because stagnant water is a perfect environment for moulds, insects, and microorganisms if not urgently dealt with. Water from flash flood may bring in some contaminants. South Queensland Restorations offers emergency water damage restoration service. We do extensive water extraction. Then, we completely dry the affected area including floors, walls, carpets, and furnishings. Should there be moulds or any form of water damage, we treat and restore them.

Various Services – Name It, We’ve Got It!

We are not limited to tiles and water damage. We do the stingy and tedious task of dealing with pet urine and pet hair. We are also experts in cleaning several essentials including upholstery, air conditioner, and carpets. We specialize in carpet cleaning. In fact, our company started with offering carpet cleaning services way back year 2000. We use steam cleaning equipment to thoroughly remove deep-seated dirt, fungus, dust mites, grease, and stains. We also do pressure cleaning of patio, bricks, pavers, walkways, and sidewalks.

We have our prices reasonable enough to fit every budget. Call us now at 1300 762 021 to request a quotation or appointment at Berrinba. You can also call us at 0400 716 182 (for all hours) for any emergency water damage restoration needs.

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