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Water Damage / Flood Restoration

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Effective Water Damage Restoration at Bahrs Scrub

Water in any form and level may cause homes and buildings unforeseen damages. That is why South Queensland Restorations offer residents, home owners, and business owners at Bahrs Scrub our effective water damage restoration services.

Water Damage Causes

There are many situations that cause water damage to residential and business structures. From simple situations of leaking roof, burst pipes, damaged water system, to flash floods caused by river overflow. When water flows, no matter how little or big may cause harm on surfaces inside or even outside the building. These may include damage to partition walls, flooring, internal walls, masonry, ground slabs, foundation walls, suspended ceiling, terrace, or flat roof. It is important to deal with the situation promptly. This is because molds, bacteria, rust, and stains to thrive in the presence of water.

Water Extraction at its Best

When there is excessive water or occurrence of the flood, we can promptly deal with it. We have our efficient water extraction equipment to promptly get rid of any traces of water in the area. We also have our water damage emergency response vehicle always to effectively dry out water from wet surfaces such as floors, doors, carpets, walls, etc. Our trained technicians are highly-knowledgeable of the water damage categories and water types. Hence, they can safely and effectively do the restoration of the affected area. We promptly treat every kind of water damage stains using appropriate cleaning products, tools, and equipment.

South Queensland Restorations started out as a carpet cleaning and carpet repair company that is why we are most experienced with carpets. We treat moulds and water damage stains. We can restore the carpet back to its original state. Should the carpets get severely damaged and irreparable, we can also install new carpets.

We Are Just a Call Away!

Our water damage restoration services are always available 24/7 at Bahrs Scrub. We are open every day. You can call us at our business phone 1300 762 021 for bookings, inquiries, or detailed quotations. You can also contact us at our emergency mobile number 0400 716 182 even after business hours. We are so looking forward to being of service to you at Bahrs Scrub.